Stainless Steel Microfibre

MR CLEAN Microfibre Glass & Stainless Steel Mitt

Mr Clean
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It either works  with or without glass spray cleaners
Well suited for kitchenware , stove , appliances , windows & mirrors. It fits the hand as glove.


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Stainless Steel Cloth - 40cm x 60cm

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The Stainless Steel Microfibre cloth, cleans Stainless Steel and all shiny surfaces leaving them residue free. This new Glass Stainless Steel Microfibre Cover works by instantly drying the surface and holding any residuals inside the cloth.

This cover can be laundered up to 500 times and can be attached to either the hand held grabber or the reach grabber on an extension pole. This cover is ideal for stainless steel lifts.

Available in individual or pack of 3.