Ghibli As5, Hako Supervac 50, Pullman AS5


Pack of 5

Vacuum Paper Bags QC64

Vacuum Paper Bag that suits Hako Rocket Vac Backpack, Shadow Vac Backpack. Suits Clark Clean Backpack, Piggyvac.
Pack of 5

Vacuum Bag Synthetic QC4

Bag Synthetic Suit Pullman AS4 Ver1, Pacvac Glide
Pack of 5

Filter Replacement Bag

Synthetic bag that suits Hako Supervac 140, Pullman AS4 Ver 2, AS10, PC4, CB15, CB15SS. Hose has  a 3 lug machine fitting

Cloth Bag suit Pullman AS4 ver2, PC4.0

Bag cloth, suit Pullman AS4 ver2, PC4.0

Cloth Bag suit Pullman SEM1200

Cloth Bag Complete with Frame

Cloth Bag Complete with Frame suits Hako Supervac 50, Pullman AS5, Spitawater AS5
Pack of 3

Vacuum Bags QD136

Vacuum Bags QD136 suits Hako Supervac 300, 350, 550. Suits most popular machines. Modern Day paper ducted 2000, 3000,

Bag Synthetic suit Aussievac and Astrovac All Models

Nonwoven suits most popular machines. Non woven ducted 2000, 3000, 4000, CV301, CV302 ducted machines,

Cloth Bag Suit Pullman CB60, CB80

Cloth Bag Suit Gernie WD400, WD40

Bag Cloth Suit Gernie, Pullman WD400, WD40

Paper Bag QC48

Bag Paper Suit Electrolux UZ920-UZ945, Panther, Euroclean  UZ920, UZ921, 922, 923, 930, 945, Industrial strength DC2000, Lux DP9000, Pullman 2000GH, Apollo UZ872, UZ2932, UZ932-4

Cloth Bag suit Pullman 2000GH

Bag Cloth suit Pullman 2000GH

Cloth Bag suit Industrial Strength BP1 Backpack

Bag Cloth suit Industrial Strength BP1 Backpack, Ivac Backpack, Pullman JYBP Backpack

Cloth Bag suit Polivac backpack

Synthetic Vacuum Bag Suit Pullman WD22LCR Pk5