Original Miele Dust Bags

Pack of 4

Bag Synthetic Suit for Miele Upright S7210 S7580 - “U- bag”

Vacuum paper Bag QB175

5-pack of cloth QB175 Vacuum Bags to suit a large range of Miele Vacuum Cleaners. Suit Miele S241-S256i, S290-291,
Pack of 4

FJM Bag Filter -Pk4

FJM Bag, filter, S241-S256i, S290-S291, S300i-S399, S500-S578, S700- S578, S4000-S4999
Pack of 4

Vacuum Bag filter - Pack of 4

Vacuum Bag  filter S4000i- S456i, S600- S658, S800-S858, S5000-S59999. Pack of 4
Pack of 5

Bags Vacuum Paper QB 105

Bag, paper, suit Miele Black Diamond S180, S203,S204, S247i-S250i,S252i-S262i, S312, S336i-S421i,S348, S363, Black Diamond S500 series, Cat & Dog S270-280
Pack of 5

Bag Paper QB 135 suit Miele S400 Series

Bag Paper QB 135 suit Miele S400 Series. Pack of 5

QB55 Vacuum Bags Pk 5

QB55 Vacuum Bags (5pk) to suit Miele S227i - S278i vacuum cleaners.