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3 in 1 Cleaner. Disinfectant, Deodourant & Cleaner. 15 Fragrances available. This product is our best seller.

For general spray and wipe cleaning, dilute 1:20 in spray bottle. Floor and general cleaning dilute 1/2 to 1 cup into a bucket of water.

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All-in-one double strength deodorant and cleaner. Twice The Spice deodorant air freshener and cleaner is a significant advance in the chemistry of odour control and freshening the environment.

Twice The Spice is both a wide range cleaner AND a persistent deodorant, reminiscent of fresh ground aromatic spices from Jamaica. It brings a breath of “after shave” freshness that has impressed many. Ideal for commercial buildings where an up market result is required for washrooms and as a deodorant room spray for cigar and cigarette smoke odours.

Research Products have used 6 compounds from nature and complexed these with a synthetic booster and fixative to ensure Twice The Spice outlasts all other deodorant cleaners.

Unique emulsion breaker technology ensures Twice The Spice continues to deodorise even after it has dried onto the surface to be cleaned and it does not need rinsing.

Whilst packing a punch that knocks out dirt and grime on hard surfaces like floors, desks, walls and washroom surfaces, Twice The Spice is gentle on hands and delicate surfaces like acrylic or vinyl paint. It’s truly an all purpose cleaner and deodorant.

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Treble is a fantastic 3-in-1 multipurpose cleaner specifically designed for use as a general purpose cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser.

Treble is a water-soluble cleaner/degreaser that rapidly emulsifies, suspends and removes all types of animal, vegetable and petroleum oils. Treble is safe to use on most surfaces including vinyl, glass, stainless steel and ceramics.

It cuts through grease and soil leaving surfaces, including glass, sanitised and sparkling clean. It has a lime fragrance for freshness. Safe for use on most surfaces.

Before it may have taken 2, 3, or even 4 cleaning products to achieve the same result that Treble produces on its own!!

Benefits of Treble Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Multipurpose Cleaner:
    Glass & window cleaner
    Food grade cleaner/sanitiser
    Hard floor cleaner/degreaser
    Toilet & bathroom cleaner/sanitiser
    A single use product for the hospitality and contract cleaning industries
    Biodegradable Surfactants
    Septic safe