Tyres Rim & Wheels Cleaning and Maintenance Products

If you are looking for tyre, rim and wheels cleaning products and maintenance, please browse through our products below.

Cleaners Supermarket ® Silicone Tyre Spray

High Gloss Clear spray grade silicone dressing for rubbers, vinyls, plastics .


Cleaners Supermarket ® Mag Wheel Cleaner

Cleaners Supermarket fast acting Alloy, Aluminium and Mag Wheel cleaner cleans and polish alloy wheels.

Septone Tyre Sheen Non Silicone Based Tyre Spray

Septone Tyre Sheen is a water-based tyre rejuvenator treatment designed for fast, easy one-step application by atomiser spray to tyres.

Chemtech Mag Shine Mag and Alloy Cleaner 2.5L

Spray-on hose-off Mag Shine quickly removes brake dust, road grime, grease, oil and dirt from mag™, alloy, chrome, clear-coated, power coated or coloured wheels, leaving a brilliant shine every time.

Chemtech Liquid Chrome Spray 400g

Chemtech Liquid Chrome Spray is a bright reflective chrome finish in the convenience of a spray can. No primer required and resists rain and water splash.


Chemtech Sheen Silicone Tyre Shine Lubricant

Chemtech Sheen Silicone Tyre gloss is easy to apply, dries fast, enhances colour and won’t wast off. It’s a great lubricant too.


Echo Sheen Tyre Rubber Dressing

How to clean discoloured tires? Eco Sheen Tyre Rubber Dressing is a quick and effective solvent based silicone treatment to improve the gloss and surface finish of tyres and other rubber fittings on cars and trucks.

Tyre Rejuvenator Silicone Free Tyre and Rubber Dressing

Silicone free tyre and rubber dressing to produce a high gloss wet look for show rooms and sales yards.

Jasol Tyre Rejuvenator Petroleum Based Tyre Restorer 20L

Jasol Tyre Rejuvenator is a clear liquid, spirit-based tyre restorer that gives motor vehicle tyres a renewed look. It is simple to use and is not nearly as messy to use as tyre paints.

Simple Green All Wheel and Tire Cleaner 709ML

Simple Green All Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a non-toxic and biodegradable formula that removes caked-on brake dust, grease, grime, tar, mud and road soils on chrome, aluminum, mag wheels, and tires with minimal scrubbing.