Office & Commercial Entrance Mats

Did you know that you can add years of life to your floor coverings if you use a good entrance mat? Apart from the obvious benefits such as drying your wet shoes and minimising slip injury, a entrance mat can remove 95% of particles that can wreck your floor over the course of time. Compare it to walking around with pieces of sand paper stuck to the soles of your shoes. Although mostly invisible to the eye whilst standing, these particles will tear away at any floor. This makes entrance matting an investment by extending the life and appearance of your floor.

Absorba Entrance Mat for Heavy Traffic Areas

Absorba Mat is a heavy duty mat for high traffic areas. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.


Prestige Diamond Mat Entrance Mat

Prestige Diamond Mat is attractive, hard wearing mat for medium traffic to high traffic entrances. Heavy duty rubber backed with a stylish polypropylene surface tominimize movement.


Premium Scraper Entrance Mat

Premium Scraper Entrance Mat offers great versatility when it comes to custom cut applications & large entrance areas. It is constructed using the latest technologies to enhance the performance life & appearance retention.


Ribbed Mat - Medium Traffic Entrance Mat

Ribbed Mat is effective and economical ribbed mat for medium traffic areas. Suitable for use both in indoor or outdoor.


Floor Shield Light to Medium Duty Entrance Mat

Floor Shield Medium Duty Entrance Mat absorbs water and dirt from shoes while hiding it from sight. Attractive smooth polypropylene surface and a PVC Backing.


Tough Scrape Entrance Mat

Tough Scrape Entrance Mats is hardwearing for high traffic entrances. Optional heavy duty edging is suitable for wheeled traffic.


Rubber Brush Scraper - Heavy Duty Outdoor Scraper Mat

Rubber Brush Scraper is a heavy duty outdoor scraper mat. Perfect for removing large amounts of dirt and debris at the entrance of buildings, preventing it from being walked onto inside floor surfaces.

PVC Backed Coir Entrance Mat for High Traffic Areas

PVC Back Coir Entrance Mat has excellent Scraping Properties that removes dirt and moisture from shoes. This entrance mat has high moisture absorption that keeps your floors dry to prevent slips. Great for high traffic areas both indoor and outdoor areas.



A great way to get your message across to everyone that comes through your door with your logo entrance mats.  Logo Mats are a nitrile rubber backed, nylon topped mat for low to medium traffic entrances, indoor or outdoor.

DELUXE SCRAPER Aluminium Mat System for High Traffic Areas

Deluxe Scraper entrance mats are aesthetically pleasing and provide real protection from intrusion of corrosive grit, grime and moisture into your building.
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Master Scraper Mat 2m wide x 20M Roll

Master Scraper Mat provides double action: scraping and drying. Coarse fibre needle felt with alternating brushes and soft strips. Uses High traffic indoor entrances.
20M Roll

Super Scraper Mat - Heavy Duty Outdoor Entrance Mat

Start soil prevention outside the building with Super Scraper Entrance Mat. It is a heavy duty outdoor mat ideally used recessed in entrances of commercial buildings, schools, shopping centres and other high traffic situations, designed to start soil prevention outside of the building.
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Bar Runners - Bar Runner Mats

Bar Runners are used on bars to absorb spills. These are extremely absorbent and they will always sit flat on the surface on which they are placed.

Coir Promotional Entrance Mat

Coir Promotional Entrance Mat has excellent Scraping Properties that removes dirt and moisture from shoes. It is a tough entrance matting solution for medium traffic areas.

Per L/M

Premium Scraper Mat 1860mm Wide

Premium Scraper is an entrance mat with hard wearing polypropylene surface for high traffic indoor or outdoor entrances.
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Eco Mat Wondersorb Indoor Entrance Mat

Eco Mat Wondersorb has ultra absorbent surface that retains large amounts of liquid.


Esteem Mat | Heavy Duty Entrance Mat

Heavy duty entrance mat is suitable for heavy pedestrian and wheeled traffic. All weather construction indoor or outdoor mat.

Esteem Ribbed II Indoor Entrance Mat

Esteem Ribbed II Indoor Entrance Mat is exceptionally durable, hard wearing entry mat used for medium traffic situations.

Welcome Message Mat - 900 x 1500mm

"Welcome" Message Mat for your entrance door. Simple yet stands out due to its attractive color. This entry mat can help get your message across to the people in the area.

Clean Loop Entrance Outdoor Mat

Clean Loop Matting is a heavy duty outdoor scraper mat used in medium traffic areas. The all weather construction of this matting makes it useful in both indoor and outdoor situations.


Coco Brush Mat Heavy Duty Scraper Mat

Coco Brush is a heavy duty scraper mat used in high traffic entrances in commercial buildings. It is an attractive, yet functional and easy to clean door mat.


CLASSIC STRIPE - Anthracite Heavy Duty Entrance Mat

CLASSIC STRIPE is a heavy duty entrance mat which is used in medium to high traffic entrances, lifts or lobbies in office buildings, school and shopping centres.
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Deluxe Ribbed Mat Heavy Duty Entrance Mat

Deluxe Ribbed Mat is a heavy duty, indoor or outdoor entrance mat. It is used recessed in entrances or lifts or loose laid in entry ways or lobbies in Commercial buildings, schools and shopping centres.

Logo Mat Tough Scrape Design

LOGO MAT tough scrape design is a hard wearing, heavy duty mat for high traffic entrance ways.

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Dura Scrape Entrance Mat

Dura Scrape Entrance Mat is a heavy duty indoor and outdoor entrance mat. It offers 3 crucial functions - dries, scrapes, and collects debris from footwear.

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3M™ Safety-Walk™ Cushion Mat 4900 Entrance Mat

3M ™ Safety-Walk ™ Cushion Matting 4900 is backed rubber matting  for medium traffic conditions suited to both indoor and outdoor applications and foyers.

3M™ Nomad™ Medium Traffic Scraper Entrance Matting 6050

3M™ Nomad™ Medium Traffic Scraper Entrance Mat 6050, Vinyl-loop scraper matting is designed to trap, holds and hide dirt and moisture before it gets in the door.

3M™ Nomad™ Heavy Traffic Backed Entrance Scraper Matting 8150

3M™ Nomad™ Heavy Traffic Backed Entrance Scraper Matting 8150 heavy duty, resilient vinyl loops withstand heavy traffic and won't mat down. It is resistant to grease and a wide variety of chemicals and detergent.

3M ™ Nomad ™ Z-Web Extreme Traffic Scraper Entrance Mat 9100

3M ™ Nomad ™ Z-Web Extreme Traffic Scraper Entrance Mat 9100 is designed to trap dirt and moisture before it gets in the door.Designed for outdoor entrances, recessed wells and foyers. The backed mats are suitable for interior spill areas.


Welcome Mat 900mm x 1500mm

Welcome Mat with Plush Nylon pile with heavy duty rubber backing. 900mm x 1500mm. Amazing cheap price for such a quality mat.
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