Traymats White Carton 1000

Parego® Traymats are great table and tray protection. Protect and decorate your table with these disposable, quick and easy to clean traymats. You can select from either scalloped, straight or regothermic edge type.

Traymats Eucalypt 485x350mm Carton 1000

Traymats Bottle Brush 485x350mm Carton 1000

Hospital Traymats Regothermic Carton 1000

Hospital Traymats Unitron 50 gsm Carton 1000

Carton of 1000

Tork Advanced Traymats Christmas Celebrations 100 x 10 Carton of 1000

Its design, style and colour match the complete range of Tork Christmas Celebrations Co-ordinates.