Small (400ml to 600ml)

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Carton of 30

Stainless Steel Single Dispenser Bracket

Stainless Steel bracket holding one 310ml pump top bottle dispenser. 

Carton of 15

Stainless Steel Double Dispenser Bracket

Stainless steel double dispenser bracket complete with self installation items.

Triple Soap Dispenser 400ml x 3

Keeping your bath and shower area clear of bottle clutter is possible with this white Triple Soap Dispenser.  Suitable for liquid soaps, conditioners and shampoos. 400ml x 3 capacity.


Double Soap Dispenser 400ml x 2 Capacity

Buy Commercial quality soap dispenser for easy access of a pair of bathroom essentials. It is suitable for liquid soaps, conditioners and shampoos. 400ml x 2 capacity. Keep your bath and shower area clear of clutter with this wall mounted soap dispenser.

400ml Single Chamber Soap Dispenser

400ml manual soap dispenser. ABS plastic with simple function, and easy to use.


Washroom Soap Dispensers 400ml

Washroom Soap Dispensers suitable for shower areas. Available in single, twin, or triple chambers.

400ml White/Chrome Soap Dispenser

400ml White/Chrome Soap Dispenser, easy to use refillable dispenser. Available in white and chrome.

Corner Soap Dispenser 600ML

Designed for installation on corner or mirror surface in shower and wash basin areas.

Kimberly Clark Aquarius Hand Cleanser Dispenser

Kimberly Clark Aquarius White ABS plastic hand cleanser dispenser which is ideal for dispensing either liquid soap or foam for maximum versatility and cost-efficiency.


Hand Foam Soap and Hand Liquid Sanitiser Dispenser 600ml

This versatile dispenser takes both the Foam Soap and Hand Liquid Sanitiser 600ml. 

Mercury Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Mercury Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is a stylish, sleek high-end soap dispenser designed to give any washroom a modern finish, making hand-washing feel luxurious. It is a multi-purpose soap dispenser due to its interchangeable pumps and containers.