Tork Industrial Cloth Dispensers

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Having the right products at hand will keep your workplace running smoothly. Tork dispensers are intuitive and easy to use; refilling is quick and simple, with minimal service required. Enclosed Tork dispensers seal out contamination by water, oil, dirt and chemicals. Smooth, rounded surfaces, inside and out, make the dispensers easy to clean and prevent the build-up of dirt or grime. Robust construction makes them long lasting, and their compact form saves space in busy areas. A wide range of Tork dispensers is available to match particular demands. With our help you can select the best choice of floor stands, wall-mounted dispensers and hand-held boxes. In every case the result is ready to use wipers and cloths.

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Wipers wherever you need them. No drills, no holes, no worries. New Tork Dispenser Magnet & Sucker kits make Tork W4 Dispensers easy to install, anywhere. This dispenser can also be permanently mounted.

With the new Tork Dispenser Magnet and Suckers Kits its now easier than ever to have a wiper at hand. Besides the option of screwing to wall there is a magnet kit or sucker kit available.

  • One-at-a-time dispensing reduces consumption
  • Lock-ability improves hygiene and reduces pilferage
  • Folded wipe dispenser with convenient installation facilitates cleaning  

    Tork Dispenser Magnet Kits
    • Provide flexibility and the ability to move dispensers
    • Ensure you always have a wiper at hand
    • Cost effective, non-permanent solution to dispenser installation
    Tork Dispenser Suckers Kits
    • Safe and flexible mounting on any glass or tiled surface
    • Move the dispenser to wherever it suits you best
    • Allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of walls

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    Ergonomically designed mobile floor dispenser suitable for various industrial environments. For high usage areas,easy to move around.

    Quick and easy refilling, with the following features :
    • high capacity on wheels
    • safe and reliable tear-off
    • innovative safety features inc. rubber feet, sturdy metal construction and textured grip

    Tork Wall Stand W1

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    Ergonomic and space saving wall mounted high capacity dispenser. Side-opening hood for easy refill. Long lasting sturdy metal and plastic construction.



     For high usage areas. Compact design. Saves space Quick and easy refilling

    Width 646 mm / Height 463 mm / Depth 274 mm

    Tork Maxi Centrefeed Dispenser W2

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    Wall mounted high capacity dispenser. ABS Plastic. Optimised one hand dispensing for all needs. Side-opening hood for easy refill.

    Gives both portion control and freedom to take as much as needed. Protects from dust, dirt and humidity.Lockable and easy to clean.

    Width 328 mm / Height 447 mm / Depth 302 mm

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    High capacity, portable and lockable dispenser carton system, perfect for high use areas. Optimised one hand dispensing for all needs. Quick and easy refilling through innovative opening. ABS Plastic.

    Width 285 mm / Height 360 mm / Depth 290 mm