Tork Universal Wipes

Wherever you are, having a good quality wiper at hand is always helpful. Tork Universal Wipers cover all your basic needs at a very affordable price. Be sure to secure your wiping needs in every environment by having a one-time use wiper close at hand.

Tork Basic Paper 2ply Combi Roll W1/W2 1000 wipers 2 rolls 2000 wipers

All-round, absorbent wiper for diverse working environments. Nordic and EU Ecolabel certifications and 100% recycled guaranteeing environmentally responsible purchasing. Versatility across several systems suitable for high consumption areas.

Tork Industrial Low Lint Cleaning Cloth Folded W4

An extremely low lint, absorbent and flexible cloth with anti-static properties that works well with solvents, detergents and disinfectants. Ideal for delicate or sensitive cleaning tasks. 100% Polypropylene, folded cloth in a W4 format. Size L40 x W38cm. 80 cloths x 5 packs = 400
The Tork Wiper & Cloth assortment includes products for basic wiping needs through to specialist wiping requirements. Our products are suitable for a range of industries and support increased productivity and hygiene in the work environment.

Basic wiping requirements can be met with our Tork Centerfeed, Tork Universal 300 and Tork Advanced 400 series wipers. For specialised wiping, cleaning and polishing requirements consider our Tork Premium Multipurpose and Specialist Cloths. We also offer a range of colour coded cloths and kitchen towel products.

Our wipers and cloths are designed for the job!