Outdoor Areas

Concrete, Unpolished Stone, Pavers, Terracotta

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RESILIENCE is a fast drying, non-yellowing, solvent based acrylic sealer that is suitable for use on internal and external surfaces.

It provides a highly durable, long lasting seal that enhances colours and the appearance of natural stone and concrete surfaces, whilst also preventing staining and damage to the substrate. RESILIENCE is suitable for use on concrete, terrazzo, slate, granite, marble and other stone surfaces. This penetrating sealer provides a semi-permanent seal that eliminates the need for regular stripping cycles and will last for 2-5 years dependent on environmental wear factors.

It also provides a stable base coat for Thermaglo Plus Sealer Finish where a buffable finish is required (for Ultra High Gloss).

Exemplify Solvent Based Floor Sealer 10L

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Exemplify is a clear, non-yellowing, UV resistant, acrylic penetrating, solvent based floor sealer for indoor and outdoor applications.

It includes quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta,terrazzo, granite, cement surfaces, pavers, polished and stencilled concrete. Porous surfaces such as sandstone (or old unsealed concrete) should be sealed with a base seal prior to applying Exemplify to avoid applying an excessive number of coats.
Benefits of Exemplify Indoor and Outdoor Sealer:
• Uses natural orange oil solvents
• Extremely durable semi-permanent seal
• Excellent levelling properties
• Enhances natural stone appearance
• High gloss and Slip Resistant
• Penetrates terrazzo, slate, ceramics, concrete and other stone surfaces

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Water based stain protector for stone, composite stone, concrete subsurface, invisible, suitable for outdoor use. It can also be used to protect ornaments, sculptures, facades and columns. Invisible - use indoor and outdoor.

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Stain protector for all stone, composite stone, concrete subsurface, invisible, use indoors and outdoors. It locks out staining effects of water, food based spills, oils and fats. Invisible - use indoor and outdoor.

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Our best seller for polished concrete and stone. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

 Water based one step, super tough sealer that provides protection on all types of concrete, stone, terrazzo, glazed and unglazed tiles and pavers. Tough, glossy, chemical resistant. Low VOC content

Available in 5L and 15L.

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Scotts Phenyle is a heavy duty outdoor cleaner, deodoriser and disinfectant.
It effectively cleans, deodorises and disinfects all surfaces including drains, paths concrete and paving, garbage bins, stables, kennels, hutches, wooden fences, panels, stakes, outdoor furniture, statues and sundials.