Caustic Soda Granules

Often used in soap making and industrial degreasing. Also an ingredient for homemade diesel fuel.

Caustic Soda Pearl Granules 5kg Bucket

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Caustic Soda Pearl Granules' cleaning uses include the unblocking of drains and grease traps, degreasing and oven cleaning. It can also be used for large open cement slabs inside buildings where it can dwell longer on soils rather than liquid cleaners that will dry quicker.

Caustic Soda is a basic chemical with a myriad of uses, including the neutralisation of acids, the hydrolisation of fats to form soaps, in textile processing, in etching and electroplating , in pulp and paper processing, in reclaiming rubber and in the manufacture of plastics.
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Sodium Hydroxide in a pearl form is a strongly alkaline caustic used in manufacturing soap, paper, aluminium and various sodium compounds. Very strong pH 14, Used for cleaning heavy duty.