Multipurpose Use

Environmentally friendly Multipurpose Detergents Orange Squirt by Citrus Resources and Earthsmart by Whiteley chemicals
Makes 14 Gallons
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Simple Green Professional Grade Heavy Duty Cleaner is a multi-purpose heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer that quickly eliminates tough grease, grime and stains.  Its readily biodegradable, non-corrosive formula is safe for use on metals, plastics, concrete, vinyl, painted surfaces, sealed wood and more.

You can use it manually or with equipment including parts washers, dip tanks, pressure washers, and ultrasonic cleaners.
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Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrated Formula can be used on washable/water-safe surface in and around your home including floors, walls, countertops, tabletops, doors and cupboards.

It is a powerful cleaner and degreaser designed for effective and environmentally safer use on all washable surfaces.
- lemon fragrance
- non-toxic and biodegradable

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Citron Dishwashing and General Purpose Detergent is use for tough restaurant pot scrubbing or everyday domestic dish washing by hand.

Other applications include window cleaning, floor washing and scrubbing, car and truck washing, laundry prewash and as a neutral, high foam all purpose cleaner.
Contains orange essence oil, D-Limonene and coconut, palm and sugar based detergents.

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Orange Squirt All Natural Multi-purpose spray and wipe that lifts and removes greasy soils by softening and solubilising oils and hardened fats. It also cuts through general dirt, grime and vegetable matter found in places such as kitchens.

Can also be used as a floor cleaning solution, laundry prewash, carpet spotter and vinyl cleaner. It is safe to use on granite, limestone and marble when diluted according to directions. Use warm or hot water to improve greasy soil removal. Contains D'Limonene and vegetable based detergents.

Orange Squirt RTU (CHCR-40750) is a multi-purpose cleaner, made from vegetable based detergents and orange by products. It is a wide range cleaner capable of a multitude of tasks in the home or at work.

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EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent is a readily biodegradable, non-hazardous dilutable detergent for use on floors, walls, bench tops, counter tops, sinks and other surfaces.

EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent has been independently tested and passes the Australian Standard for readily biodegradability AS4351.2 as a whole concentrated product.

Key Benefits of Earthsmart Multi-purpose Detergent:
- Readily Biodegradable
- Non-Hazardous*
- Non-Toxic*
- Chlorine Free
- Phosphate Free
- Concentrated Formula
- Outstanding Finish Results

Available 5L with matching spray bottles.
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Septone Neutral Lemon is a non-alkaline multi-purpose cleaner and is capable of performing a wide variety of cleaning jobs.

 It is especially suited to the daily maintenance cleaning of polished floors, because it effectively cleans the floor without affecting the polish. Neutral Lemon is safe to use on most washable surfaces, including floors, walls, benches, vinyl, plastic, paintwork, upholstery, windows, mirrors, stainless steel and woodwork. Neutral Lemon contains a vibrant lemon fragrance.
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Bare Essentials Borax is used for multipurpose cleaning and deodorizing without the use of chemicals.

Bare Essentials Borax is a naturally derived product sourced from mining.
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Pura Choice Kitchen Cleaner is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. It is low in VOC’s (basically nasty fumes!) making it less likely to trigger asthma.

If you or family, suffer with asthma or allergies, then PuraChoice is the only choice when it comes to cleaning your home.  It has been specifically designed to give you that sparkling finish while being kind to you and the environment.

It is made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients that do not aggravate sensitive skin, allergies or asthma.