Hand Soap

Honeydew is made by citrus Resources. A hand cleaning soap that has a lovely fragrance and will not harm your hand by using only all natural ingredients.

Honeydew Hand Cleaner With Orange, Honey & Vanilla

"Three products in one" . All over body wash can also be used as a shower gel substitute. Vanilla acts as a natural deodorant while "Medihoney" restores skin.

Betasan Foodsafe Antibacterial Liquid Soap 1000ml

BetasanTM Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Soaps are specially formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to protect and moisturise your hands and kill 99.99% of common germs.

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Earth Renewable Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Disinfects and sanitisers hands quickly where there is no water in just a single application with Earth Renewable Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser!

Orange, Honey & Vanilla Hand Cleaner

Using the deodorant and skin restorative action of Medihoney – 100% Solvent Free The concept of Honeydew is to clean every type of soil from every type of skin. It works for people with sensitive skin that has previously been susceptible to skin irritation and chapping. You’ll really feel the softness after use.

Heavy Duty Commercial Use
Use it as a heavy duty waterless or water rinseable hand cleaner, its “gentle giant” action blasts away heavy greasy, tarry soils even graphite grease without the need for harsh, moisture stripping solvents. Medihoney is added to help prevent chapping and to reduce skin flora levels. Use it under the tap, or in the shower. It works every time.

Dispenser Soap
Women will love the vanilla citrus aromas only found in the natural ingredients. It quickly foams away copier and printer toner, white-out marker and general grime. In fact, HONEYDEW can be diluted if required for lighter duty cleaning and economy. Up to three parts water can be added, giving greater economy and a thinner product. Honeydew makes an ideal shower dispenser soap for all over cleanliness.

Odour Removal
For those working with food products like garlic, onion and fish, nothing can beat the deodorizing action of Honeydew, Orange, Honey and Vanilla. Also acts as a body deodorant without the use of harsh antiseptics.


For heavy duty hand cleaning, “work” into the pores of the skin for a minute prior to rinsing or wiping off with a towel.

Normal use, just a quick lather and rinse is perfect.