CITRAFRESH By Citrus Resources
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Citrafresh, a carpet extraction prespray concentrate with natural deodorant action, highly biodegradable, high performance. Nothing will outperform CITRAFRESH on greasy carpet soils.

It is safe on all carpet fibres including fine silk rugs, and woollen carpet commonly found in hotels. Also suitable as a front loader laundry detergent.

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Simple Green Pro Grade Carpet Cleaner is a non-toxic, fragrance-free, clean rinsing formula, biodegradable and professional grade formula that cleans carpets, rugs, fabrics and upholstery without harmful peroxides or bleach that can cause damage and discoloration. 
This versatile cleaner pulls dirt, grime, oily soils, food messes and more out of carpet and fabrics. You can use manually or in carpet cleaning equipment to remove tough stains, dirt, grime,  soils and more.