Twister Diamond for Stone Floors

Twister Pads by Twister

Changing from traditional floor cleaning methods to Twister Pad is easy. The Twister pads come in all sizes and will fit all cleaning machines on the market, meaning no need to invest in new cleaning machines or new routines.


Sabco Twister Floor Pads - RED Dual Pack 35cm

Floor pads impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds! Twister Red Floor Pad is designed for heavy duty cleaning of worn stone floors.


Sabco Twister Floor Pads - WHITE Dual Pack

Twister (White) floor pads will successfully get rid of small scratches from the surface, resulting a silky mat clean and well prepared surface for subsequent Twister steps.



 White Dot - For coarse grinding. Step one on normally worn stone floors - limestone, marble, terrazzo. Use with Regular Speed swing machine or auto scrubber and Twister Cleaner.

Sabco Twister Floor Pads - YELLOW Dual Pack

Simply leaves a surface that is completely ready for the last step of the twister method. Each Twister™ pad is equipped with a wear indicator.


Sabco Twister SuperClean Floor Pad Dual Pack

Twister Superclean is created to be used with water only. For daily cleaning of coated floors. The twister Superclean pads are ideal for the day to day scrubbing of polished and unpolished floors.

Sabco Twister Super Gloss Dual Pack 40cm

A burnish pad for coated floors. The Twister SuperGloss pads are made to be used on ultra High speed buffing machines and provide provide great gloss results on your polished floors after scrubbing with the SuperClean pad.


Glomesh Diamond Stone Floor Pads

The Glomesh ® Diamond Stone Floor Pads™ System provides the highest quality results as part of the industry leading range of floor pads which maintain floors in a way that is better for the environment.


Diamond Floor Pad

Diamond Floor Pad great for the maintenance and polishing of stone, marble and terrazzo flooring without the use of floor finishes and strippers.

3M Scotch-Brite™ High Speed Diamond Floor Pads - Purple

Scotch-Brite™ High Speed Diamond Floor Pad Plus - Purple is used for floors with medium shine in good initial condition. It cleans and polishes floors to a brilliant gloss finish.


3M Scotch-Brite™ High Speed Diamond Floor Pads - Sienna

Scotch-Brite™ High Speed Diamond Floor Pad - Sienna is used for worn and dull floors in poor initial condition. It cleans, conditions and polishes to a medium shine.