Strip Mop Cone Wringer

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The Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Bucket is an award winning wringer mop bucket. It features dual separate compartments for clean and dirty water which significantly reduces contamination within the household.

This easy wringer mop bucket comes with the flexible Ezy Squeeze® wringer designed to require less force for the aging population as well as the patented anti tipping handle and a stackable design for easy storage. This was designed to be used along with the Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Mop and Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Mop Refill.


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10-litre bucket specially designed to fit the UltraMax Mop.Unique bucket & wringer thoroughly wrings the pad while keeping your hands clean and dry.

Wheelie Mop Bucket

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Easy glide wheels. Glides on floors with ease - No lifting.  Excellent super power wringer.


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10-litre bucket specially designed to fit the Vileda Supermop. It has easy entry bucket with power wringer lets you wring out your mop thoroughly with less effort.

Decor Speed® Squeeze Bucket 210 x 360 x 250

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Decor Speed® Squeeze Bucket™ 
The Squeeze Bucket™, with it’s easy-twist mop wringer, is designed for use with all Decor Speed microfibre mops and the Premium Strip Mop.
By removing the wringer, it can be used with Decor Speed sponge mops and the easytwist™ Mop.
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Durable bucket is lightweight with comfort grip handle. Ideal for wringing strip mops and cotton mops up to 300g. Removable cone makes it ideal as a mop bucket and general purpose bucket.



Translucent design enables easy identification of water levels and contents. Dimensions: H 285 x W 265 x D 375mm. It has capacity of 12 litres.

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Spring loaded wringer makes mopping your floor easy. It has a large 15L capacity compared to other brand with as little as 10L capacity.

12L Ezy Squeeze Cone Wringer Mop Bucket

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Durable and lightweight all purpose bucket with pouring spout for easy transfer of liquids.
It is ideal for wringing strip mops. It has a removable cone which enables bucket to be used for general purposes. It has a collapsible cone wringer. Dimensions: W375 x H290 x L290mm