Handle Accessories

Ferrule Reducer

This is to be used in conjunction with a 25mm ferrule to enable a 22mm threaded handle.

Oates Broom Stay or Bracket

Broom Bracket is ideal for handle reinforcing.

Oates Threaded Adaptors Fits 22mm Socket

Threaded Adaptor is designed to allow 25mm handles to be fitted to 22mm sockets. Autoclavable. 

Reversible Ferrule Thread

This reversible ferrule is ideal for fitting handles to timber backed brooms. Available in 22mm. Available in blue colour.

Threaded Adaptor for Polybacked brooms

This picture is not the actual product.

Allows aluminium handle with European thread to screw firmly into poly backed broom boards. Made from plastic.

Gripper® Clamp Style Wet Mop Fibreglass Handle

Gripper® Wet Mop Handles make removing and replacing mop heads easy and efficient. Gripper® Clamp Style Handles hold mop firmly between the jaws of the mop handle.

Oates DuraClean Aluminium Handle

DuraClean Aluminium Handles from Oates are very ideal for heavy duty commercial use. These are available in coloured range to avoid cross contamination between different work areas.

Tidie Handle Holders

Made from rubber and strong, hard, durable plastic, these  lamps are spring loaded for secure storage.


Tidie rails

Hold one or many Tidie Multi-Fit handle holders on your stainless steel Tidie-Rail. Available in 50cm or 90cm lengths.