Powder Coated Metal


Black Metal Handle with Soft Grip

Black metal handle from SABCO that has no thread and with US thread. 25x1450mm

SABCO Green Metal Handle 22x1300mm - US thread

Easy fit 22 x1300mm handle with US thread.

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Oates Powder Coated Steel Handle with Blue Thread

Oates Powder Coated Steel Handle with Blue Thread designed to have powder coating to prevent premature rust.

Oates Powder Coated Metal Handles - Multifit Extension

Multifit Extension Handle is suitable for household brooms and window washers with a 22mm ferrule. It can be fitted to brooms featuring a 25mm socket with the use of a ferrule reducer.

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SABCO Professional Metal Handle

25 x 1400MM – no thread. Recommended Handle for all Sabco Professional Brooms. 

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Power Coated Handles

Powercoated Handles- 1520x25mm (5'x1")

White Metal Handle 25x1450mm - Universal thread

White Metal Handle 25x1450mm - Universal thread
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Hygiene Grade Broom Handle

Hygiene Grade Broom Handle is suitable for Browns products. Powder coated with colour-coded fittings.

Metal powder-coated Handles 25mm x 1.4 m

Lightweight and ideal for commercial use. Standard universal thread suits most brooms and mops. 25mm x 1.4 m.

Edco Unifit Handle with Soft Grip - 1.35m

Improved handle for mop and broom, with a soft neoprene grip. Its unique tapered thread will allow the handle to fit most household brooms and mops on the market. It can extend up to 1.35m long.
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Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle | Commercial Spray Handle

Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle is a quicker and easier way to clean floor for commercial applications. Ideal wherever speed, ease of use, lack of laundry facility & storage space are issues.

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Oates Mini Telescopic Handle 77cm

Oates Mini Telescopic Handle can be adjusted to desired length. Ergonomic anti-slip globe. Perfect for reaching high ceilings and low surfaces.
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