Oates Telescopic Decitex Handle

A lightweight aluminium handle which is suitable for heavy duty commercial use. It is colour coded to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between work areas. Handle can extend up to 1.6m

SYR Interchange Heavy Duty Aluminium Handles

SYR interchange handles are at the focus of most SYR Cleaning Tools which can easily and quickly swapped tools using just one handle.

SYR Extension Handle 192 - 363cm

SYR Extension Handle is made from lightweight and strong aluminium with a 25mm diameter. These poles have a telescopic action for extendable reach. 192cm in length, extendable up to 363cm.

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ 115 - 186cm Quick-connect Ergo Adjustable Handle

It is offered in straight and ergonomic bend styles, in fixed and adjustable lengths. Lightweight aluminum construction for improved productivity.

Rubbermaid HYGEN 121 - 182cm Quick-Connect Straight Extension Handle

Offered in straight and ergonomic bend styles, in fixed and adjustable lengths. Lightweight aluminum construction for improved productivity. 

Sabco Aluminium Mop Handle

Sabco Aluminium Mop Handle. All with universal thread. These handles won't rust and break easily. Available colours are blue, red, green, yellow and white.


Telescopic Handles for Aqua and Velcro Mop

The telescopic handle for Aqua and Velcro Mopping is designed with your cleaner in mind. Regardless of height, the Telescopic pole can be adjusted to suit each of your cleaners individually.

Duraclean Aluminium Handle No Thread 1.35 metres long

Duraclean Aluminium Handle no thread. Anodised aluminium. It is suitable for large mop heads. It is ideal for Doodle Bug holders.


Aluminium Handles with no thread 25mm Diametre

White or blue plastic hand grip. 

SABCO Professional Metal Handle

25 x 1400MM – no thread. Recommended Handle for all Sabco Professional Brooms. 

Oates Contractor Aluminium Handle 25mm x 1500mm

Anodised aluminium. Non-rust. Features colour coded end cap and 22mm industrial strength plastic socket.


Aluminium Extension Handles


Aluminium Handle With Thread

Aluminium Handle With Thread- 1520x25mm (5ft x 1")

Enduro Aluminum Handle 1.35m x 25mm

Extra strength aluminum handle for superior handle, the ideal heavy duty commercial handle.

Aluminum Handle

A general purpose commercial grade handle with Ergonomic swivel grips and nylon Enduro tips.

Oates DuraClean Aluminium Handle

DuraClean Aluminium Handles from Oates are very ideal for heavy duty commercial use. These are available in coloured range to avoid cross contamination between different work areas.

Poly Glass Handle w/ Universal Thread Colour Coded

Made from recycled plastic and reinforced with fibreglass for super strength. HACCP endorsed. Rust proof.

Aluiminium Waterfed Handle

Durable 32mm aluminium handle with comfort grip extends to 2.3m. On/off value for easy water control.

Oates Aluminium Fluid Spray Handle 1.4m

In-built reservoir with 500ml capacity. 3 jets for easy diffusion of water/chemical. Waterproof spray handle.

Mop & Broom Aluminium Handles

Lightweight mop and broom aluminium handles ideal for commercial use. It has standard universal thread suits most brooms and mops.

Sabco pro Aluminium Handle 25 X 1350

Includes adaptor for 25mm wooden, metal or aluminium
handle. Suits SABC-2128 aluminium handle

Smooth Aluminium Handle

1.5m long x 25mm diameter. Colour coded smooth aluminium handle to match mops. Available with thread and no thread (push into socket).