Timber Handles Plain or Painted I Bamboo Handles


Timber Handle 22 and 25mm Staff Hole

Available 25x1830mm (no endcap), 25x1500mm (with endcap), and 22x1200mm (with endcap).

Coloured Wooden Handles

152cm x 25mm

Oates Bamboo Handle -Lacquered

Composite bamboo and timber handle for superior strength and durability. Materials sourced from renewable plantations.


Edco Bamboo Handle

Composite bamboo construction for extra strength, ideal use for all Edco brooms, floor squeegees and mops. A super smooth shaft with just the right amount of flex to avoid jarring.

Wooden Mop Handle

Ideal for heavy duty use. Available sizes are 25mmx1.5m, and 22mmx1.35m.

Plain Smooth Ramin Broom Handles

Wooden handles ideal for all brooms, brushes, mops and squeegees.

Timber Broom Handle 25mm x 1500mm

A solid 5ft timber handle with a 25mm diameter. For use with industrial broomheads.
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Timber Broom Handle 25mm x 1800mm

A 6 foot 25mm diameter timber handle suitable for use with all industrial and tradesman broom heads.
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