Vileda Floor & Applicator Cloths

Pack of 25
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Oil Impregnated Cloth 60 X 32cm  ( Sold in Pack of 25) Premium-grade oil-cloth, suitable for multiple 'surface-wipe' applications. Especially suited to dry, dusty conditions.


Vileda Floor Cloth or Vileda Oil impregnated cloths to suit Rubber or Foam applicator. Floor Cloth 50 X 59cm  ( Sold by Each cloth ) Heavy-duty floor cloth, makes easy work of those ground-level applications.
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 Applicator Foam Base is a part of Sabco's floor squeeze range. It is strongly recommended to use on uneven surfaces to ensure maximum coverage on operation.
Simple and easy to handle, and makes applying foam quick and easy. Applicator for attaching cloth (will suit SABC-3750).