One Wipe Cloths and Mitts

This line is not being manufactured anymore.

However cleaners Supermarket has the remaining stock in Australia. As lines become deleted , we will remove them from this page. As on 28/08/2011 all the following are in stock.

Polyester Cloth Mitts

Bag 40 mitts
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Very Soft - won’t scratch delicate surfaces. Can be washed and reused many times. Highly absorbent, Dries quickly. The loops in the towelling fabric lift and carry particles away from surfaces. A durable knitted cloth made from 100% spun polyester yarn.

Perfect For: cleaning of dining tables, washing & drying of crockery and cutlery, cleaning of ovens, hobs & bench tops, cleaning of floors, walls & tiles, polishing of stainless steel appliances ,dusting and polishing of furniture, washing & cleaning of walls, floors, tiles, washing & detailing of vehicles, polishing of car paintwork, Mechanics, Panel Beaters, Painters & Printers, Tilers.