Misc Brushes

Sabco Flow Wash Brush

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Sabco Flow Wash Brush features soft flagged bristles - for effective dirt removal without scratching.
- water saving - on/off water flow control valve. Fits standard garden hoses
- Ideal for car exteriors, boats, outdoor furniture, kids
toys, windows and more

Car Detailing Mag wheel Cleaning Brush

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100mm Polystyrene Fibres.


Lightweight Brush with Swivel Handle

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With Swivel Fitting. Non Waterfed. Adapt to extension handles or the like.
Used in a variety of situations. approx 40cm wide.

Sabco XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush

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XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush from Sabco has soft flagged bristles for effective dirt removal without leaving any scratch. It fits standard garden hose.

It has water Saving On/off waterflow control valve. Its long handle helps to access areas you can hardly reach. It is excellent for car exteriors, boats, windows & flyscreens, outdoor furniture, kids toys, door tracks & weatherboards, cobwebs and much more.

MR CLEAN Wheel Detailing Brush

Mr Clean
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MR CLEAN Wheel Detailing Brush removes dirt, grime and tar from wheel or wheel cover. It is perfect for cleaning tyres.
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Chemtech Multi-purpose Extendable Aqua Flow-thru Brush is a heavy-duty aluminum extendable pole with insulated handle grips.

The durable brush head is densely packed with flagged and softened bristles, which are gentle on paintwork. The handle easily connects to a standard garden hose and features an on/off water control valve. Ideal for cleaning all types of vehicles, boats, around the home and in the work place.

Turtle Wax Wool Wheel Brush

Turtle Wax
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Turtle Wax Wheel Wool Brush removes dirt, grime and tar from rims and wheels with ease! Soft wool fibres brush for a non scratch finish.
- Long brush head and handle, reaches right to the back of the rim
- deal also for auto detailing jobs as small holes and crevices where dust accumulates (vehicle engine, etc.)