Turbostrip™ Rotary Strip Pad - Ultimate Polish Removal

For operators that demand ultimate performance, here is a patent pending Turbostrip Rotary Strip Pad, a proven technology to give you up to 5  X faster finish removal than a standard black strip pads depending upon the number of coats to be removed.

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Glomesh Emerald High Performance Stripping Pad

Glomesh Emerald High Performance Stripping Pad is the most aggressive, fastest stripping pad, strips in a quarter of the time of a black pad.


Glomesh Black Regular Speed Stripping Floor Pad

The Glomesh black stripping regular speed floor pad is used for regular floor stripping.


Glomesh Brown Regular Speed Dry Strip Floor Pad

The Glomesh brown dry strip pad regular speed floor pad is suitable for regular stripping or more aggressive cutting back.

Glomesh Denib Floor Prep Pad - Wine

A wine thinline pad, 8mm thick, denibs wood floors between coats. Results in far better final gloss.Here's the ideal “cut-back” or dry strip pad offering environmental benefits and labour saving floor maintenance - Glomesh Floor Prep Pad - Wine.


Glomesh Floor Prep Pads Rectangle - Wine

With Glomesh Floor Prep Pad Wine, there's no need to scrub with water and detergent so there’s no water pick-up or drying time. It can be used dry – no harsh chemicals or detergents needed.


Glomesh Emerald Hi Performance Stripping Rectangular Pads

Glomesh Emerald High Performance Stripping Pad is the most aggressive fastest rectangular floor stripping pad.

Glomesh Rectangular Floor Pads Regular Speed

Glomesh Rectangular Floor Pads are available in 4 standard sizes for most orbital-style machines.

Floor Pad Stripping

The Diamondback is our most extreme abrasive pad. It works well in problem areas with its open weave construction that enables it to hold more load without clogging in heavy build up situations.


Premium Floor Pads - Low Speed

Premium floor pads by Edco - stripping to polishing floor pads.

White Magic Floor Pad Eraser Sponge

White Magic Floor Pad Eraser Sponge is designed to erase stubborn marks on hard smooth floors such as tiles, lino, vinyl, timber, concrete and stone.

Floor Pad - Coral Auto Scrub and Pre Burnish

  • Designed for use with auto scrubbers, daily high speed use or spray buffing.
  • Open weave pad allows excellent water flow with auto scrubbers and wax dust absorption inside the pad.
  • Recommended for use on machines between 175 – 1500rpm.