Celco Class Tub Scissors Kindy 135mm - For Kids

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Range of kids scissors packaged in tubs perfect for school class use. Tub 25.

Celco School Scissors Student 160mm (6.25in) - Deluxe

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Stainless steel Celco school scissors for students with comfortable grip.

Celco Kids Scissors Plastic Safety 133mm

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These plastic scissors are perfect for children just starting to learn to use scissors.
Blades and handles designed for small hands. Plastic option for absolute beginners to prevent cutting themselves. Stainless steel blades with pointed or blunt tip options for those who are more experienced. Class tub options available - please see Celco Class Tub Scissors

Celco Class Tub Safety Scissors 140mm

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Range of kids scissors packaged in tubs perfect for school class use.

Maped 37800 Kidicut Safety Scissors

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These Kidicut safety scissors have fibreglass blades that will not cut through skin, fabric or hair.

Perfect first set of scissors. These scissors are focused on use for on children 3+. Bright colour and vibrant design suit both boys and girls.

Mapeds complete range of scissors encompasses both children and adults with a unique offering for all. Children can progress through the years with the likes of Koopy and Kidicut scissors, while teens and adults enjoy the comfort and quality of the Start Soft and Ultimate range of scissors.

Maped 37910 Koopy 13cm Scissors

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These scissors have unique automatic opening spring to assist with children's cutting.
Spring can be deactivated and the scissors can be used like normal. It is suitable for children 5+. Koopy "early years" scissors are brushed stainless steel blade, asymmetrical, assorted colours. Spring option for easy use.

Maped Sensoft Scissors

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Maped Sensoft scissors have flexible finger loops that are completely bendable.
Symmetrical scissors with a pointed tip. These scissors are perfect for the home or office use. Available in 13cm and 16cm sizes.

Maped 384020 Tatoo Assorted Scissors 16cm

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These scissors have exclusive designs with excellent cutting quality. Soft finger loops for comfort with rounded tips for added safety. Available 13cm for girls.

Maped 470010 Tatoo 13cm Innovation Scissor

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These scissors have exclusive designs with excellent cutting quality.
Soft finger loops for comfort with rounded tips for added safety. Exclusive boy and girl design.

Maped 464010 Start Scissors 13cm

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Entry level range of scissors with quality stainless steel blades.
It has blunt tips for a safe scissor option for children. It is ideal for classroom and children's pencil cases. Available individually and display of 24.

Maped Start Soft Scissors 13cm

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Maped Start Soft Scissors with soft ergonomic handles and quality stainless steel blades.
Shock absorber rings for added comfort. Useful for everyday and repetitious situations in the home and office. 

Maped Zenoa Sensitive Scissors 15cm

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Maped Zenoa Sensitive Scissors with optimum comfort, soft lining scissors. 
It features top quality stainless steel blades with rivet for long life. Double ground blades for an always sharp cut.  Available in assorted colours of orange, lime green & blue. 10 Year Guarantee.

Maped 601005 Craft Scissor 5 Blades - Fibreglass

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Mape Craft Scissors include 5 Assorted blades included in every case.
Fibreglass blades that cannot cut fabric, hair or skin. Interchangable blades to change designs. Protective plastic case for safe housing.

Maped Zenoa Fit Scissors 13cm

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Maped Zenoa Fit Scissors have flexible material inside handles, soft blades: pain-relieving cushioning system.
Patterns on blade and handle.  Comfort strips for easy to hold cutting. Double sharpening of stainless steel blades.

Maped Expert Titanium Scissors - High Performance Scissors

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Maped Expert Titanium Scissors, a range of high-performance scissors for maximum durability.
 These scissors have ergonomic handles that are made of recycled materials. Titanium coated blades for increased performance and durability. Stainless steel blades and rivets. Lifetime guarantees. Available in 17 and 21cm.

Maped Ultimate Symetric Scissors - Stainless Steel

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Patented ring technology with a soft double material designed to fit users hand and for added comfort.
It has an innovative ergonomic design. High carbon stainless steel blades. Cutting performance tested over 200,000 times. It has a lifetime guarantee. Available in 18cm and 21cm.

Celco School Scissors 6.5 In Blue

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This cheap school scissors has stainless steel blades and comfortable grips.
Designed for students.