Wall & Floor Scrapers


Moerman Premium Scraper

Moerman Premium Scraper with Bi-component handle made from Anti-slip material. Soft-touch, Ergonomic Smooth surface. Secure grip, even when wet. 10 cm/4" wide scraping surface.

Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper is Lightweight and rugged scraper features 120cm handle and zinc scraper head. Angled 10cm blade has blunt and razor edges.

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Floor and Wall Scraper 4" 100mm

300mm (12”) handle. 3 screws hold the blade securely.Ideal for paint, wallpaper and light floor preparation.

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Floor and Wall Scraper 100mm 4" Tough Scrape

Heavy duty wall and floor scraper. 3 screws holds blade tightly and prevents slipping. Comfortable cushion grip handle. Available in 2 different handles 450mm (18”), 1200mm (48”)

Heavy Duty Floor Scraper 125mm (5”) with large palm knob

430mm (18”) handle. Power weighted ball grip for extra grunt. 3 screws in head to hold blade securely. Ideal for toughest applications. A must have for all vinyl layes!

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Floor and Wall Scraper 6" 150MM

600mm (24”) handle. 2 screws in head to hold blade. Ideal for stripping wallpaper etc.

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Telescopic Floor Scraper 8" 200MM

Handle extends from 950mm (38”) to 1600mm (63”) with twist lock. 4 screws in head securely hold blade in position. Stand up scraper - ideal for floor preparation

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Heavy Duty Floor Scraper 200mm (8”)

1200mm (48”) fixed length handle. Stand up scraper for cleaning & floor preparation

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Stainless Steel Super Scraper

Stainless Steel Super Scraper is ideal for removing built up grime on floors. It is compatible with 25mm diameter handles.

Floor Dot 8in Extendable Floor Scraper

Solid blade holding and clamping. Blade will not slip in use. Extendable handle with twist lock action allows stand up scraping. Comfortable handle grips.
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