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Ultra wet look scrubbable sealer finish, for that  “7 day supermarket shine”. The ultra high speed safe super durable wet look sealer/finish. High solids thermally activated medium hardness for increased burnishability and great wear resistance.

Development Brief

To fill an urgent requirement for a sealer finish that gives extended, extremely clean “wet look” gloss in heavy traffic, 7 days per week, 24 hours A DAY. The same sealer finish must have strong adhesion; high wear resistance and detergent resistance so that no base sealer is required on all but the most difficult-to-seal porous floor.

It must be capable of being burnished with high speed electric with (1000 to 15000 RPM) and UHS gas equipment from 1500 to 3000 RPM. The most important feature must be wet look gloss under all traffic conditions.

The Difficult Task Ahead

It is extremely difficult to produce a floor finish that’s suitable for a wide range of surfaces as well as giving the highest performance under a wide range of machine types.

On one hand, “controlled weight” high speed machinery needs a softer floor finish to allow their lower energy to effectively burnish and restore the floor.

Gas powered equipment demands a “harder finish” that can dissipate heat faster. This power normally “balls-up” and “grinds off” (Powders) the finishes that are made for lower speed equipment.

SUPAGLOSS 3000 The Sealer Finished With “BOUNCE BACK”

SUPAGLOSS 3000 utilises the latest Terpolymer Chemistry (three polymers) that work together to perform a miracle on your floors.

Polymer One: Wearability

This hard yet rubbery polymer that helps resist scratching, the heel tends to rebound off the surface thus preventing gouging, deep mark from shopping trolleys as well as to lock out dirt and grime.

This polymer stays cooler when burnished with LP Gas equipment and has high thermal stability so that it resists aggressive burnishing techniques under LP Gas UHS condition.

Polymer Two: Flexibility

This is very flexible and has the ability to mobilise under lightweight electric machinery to allow easy burnishing of scratches or marks, without removing the finish.

It also provides excellent wet-look gloss under both equipment types as well as improved slip resistance.

Polymer Three: Scrubbabilty

The old way of improving detergent resistance was to apply a non metallised sealer as the first step. There is no need to any more because we’ve included a third polymer to assist in filling the “hills and valley” as well as improving the “wet scrub” and “wet mop detergent” resistance. The shine will keep coming back, day after day even with frequent burnishing or twice daily washing.

You will only need to use BEDROCK sealer on the most porous floors or very worn vinyl tiles.

Advantages in a Nutshell

  • Produces wet look gloss under a wide range of equipment - not just LP Gas.
  • Hard rubbery polymer, combined with flexible polymer creates the best balance of mark resistance and ultra durability with ease of buffability.
  • Third polymer provides improved detergent resistance, gives increased gloss after auto scrubbing or wet mopping.
  • Extended clean gloss in heavy traffic supermarkets. SUPAGLOSS 3000 is the longest lasting sealer we’ve ever made - under all high speed machines.
  • Improved anti slip characteristics on hard or soft floors in dry conditions.


For best results, strip off old finish and apply to bare floor or over BEDROCK; however SUPAGLOSS 3000 may be applied over conventional sealers if in good condition. Even on new vinyl floors, it is preferable to strip first so as to remove factory finish or “plasticiser” that may affect adhesion of your first coat. Rinse twice, unless SLEDGEHAMMER is being used, this requires no rinsing except on alkaline floor such as terrazzo.

Use NEUTRO in the first rinse to reduce alkalinity on this surface.

Dry burnish floor to remove missed bits of previous seal and to improve gloss.

Apply medium coats of SUPAGLOSS 3000 using a fringe mop (pre-wetting) or poly cotton mop (pre-wetted). Allow up to 45 minutes to dry in winter per coat and 20 minutes in summer. Apply each coat across the direction of the previous coat.

Three to five coats will provide a brilliant "wet look" gloss that can be burnished within 8 hours of application.


SUPAGLOSS 3000 will cover 30 to 40 sq metres per litre depending on porosity.

Slip Resistance

SUPAGLOSS 3000 has been tested by the TORTUS test for slip resistance. Test results supplied on request.


Because SUPAGLOSS 3000 stays clearer and cleaner longer, your cleaning times will be reduced because dirt and grime can’t easily lock into the surface.

Damp Mopping
Use either SUPASTAR or NEUTRACLEAN to remove soil buildup. If surface is sound, scuff marks will rub out with your shoe.

This is recommended as only being necessary on large heavy traffic areas like shopping malls and supermarkets that carry fresh food and vegetables. Use our low foam auto scrub SUPASTAR or for heavily soil floors use NEUTRACLEAN.


It is imperative to always cut back before recoating.

Method - Flood mop floor with either NEUTRACLEAN or SUPASTAR at 1 part to 20 parts water. Scrub with either a blue or green pad and rinse.

Prior to applying sealer, it is recommended to buff or burnish the floor with a clean Jackaroo or equivalent floor pad and dust mop or vacuum the floor to remove any dust and debris.

Restorative Maintenance

To reduce the intervals or cut backs and recoats we recommend the use of our total floor restorer & cleaner REBOUND.

Method - Substitute SUPASTAR or NEUTRACLEAN with REBOUND diluted at 1 part to 25 parts water and scrub floor with red pad. Let dry then buff or burnish floor in normal manner. Apart from occupational health and safety issues of operating equipment one handed whilst apply spray buff to floor via trigger sprays,we have always discouraged the use of spray buffing method as this procedure can either embed dirt and grime into the floor finish and build up along edges.

Click here to download the Supagloss 3000 Material Safety Data Sheet