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Supagloss from Research Products provides a super gloss, super wear, sealer finish. All-round performer for 300 to 600 RPM buffing machinery. High-gloss build per coat, super clarity. Non-yellowing.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Product Requirements - The Survey

We set out to develop a floor finish for high traffic areas that satisfied your requirements as a cleaner- not ours as a chemical manufacturer. Our Australia wide survey of cleaning companies and institutions showed that the ideal floor finish must have the following attributed and these are listed in order of preference.

  1. Must have high gloss all the time.
  2. Must only require buffing infrequently.
  3. Must have Hospital cleanliness without yellowing, black- marking or darkening of light colours.
  4. Must have high wear resistance without frequent recoating.
  5. Must be applied easily, yet have high solids to reduce number of coats required to build super gloss.


Our development of SUPAGLOSS followed exactly the result of this survey. We utilised a totally new non- yellowing polymer and built a high solids floor sealer that gives a wet look gloss with only two coats.

It’s an extremely low maintenance formula that forms a dirt shedding, super tough, flexible film that acts as a barrier against the dulling of foot traffic, supermarket trolleys and abrasive sandy grit. SUPAGLOSS keeps on sparkling when other finished would have long since dulled and worn away.

Specific Advantages of SUPAGLOSS

  1. Has outstanding gloss off the mop with an easy glide application that cuts application time and dries smooth and streak - free.
  2. Hard formulation doesn’t require regular buffing, just a mop and recoat is all that is required in small areas.
  3. Super hard wet look gloss can be achieved with super or regular speed machinery without powdering or swirling the surface.
  4. Outstanding durability against dulling, scratching and black marking. No needs to spray buff as marks are mostly removed with brushing or polishing on all but the severest traffic area.
  5. High level of water and detergent resistance; stands up to tracked in mud and the conditions only found in the tropics.

Floors Suitable for SUPAGLOSS

Sheet Vinyl Vinyl Asbestos Terrazzo
Chip Marble Sealed Cork Unglazed Quarry Tiles
Concrete Brick Magnasite
Rubber Sealed Timber Terracotta Tile


  1. Strip off old sealer with SLEDGEHAMMER, MELTDOWN or STEAMROLLER II. If surface is new and has not previously had surface treatment, strip just the same.
  2. Rinse twice with hot or cold water; hot water speeds drying.
  3. Dry burnish the floor with red or coral pad or bassine brush (this smooths out the surface and helps build the gloss of the first coat). Dust mop floor.
  4. Apply a thin, even coat of SUPAGLOSS using a lightly wrung mop or applicator.
  5. Allow to dry and apply a second coat across the direction of the previous coat. Apply more coats if necessary. On ultra heavy wear areas or badly worn surfaces, apply two coats of BEDROCK sealer prior to applying SUPAGLOSS.


SUPAGLOSS doesn’t require high levels of maintenance. If automatic scrubbers are being used, the recommended cleaners are SUPASTAR or NEUTRACLEAN at 1 part to 100 parts water.


The non- marking characteristics of SUPAGLOSS mean that spray buffing is usually not necessary. Dry Buffing removes many of the marks that remain permanently on other finishes. However, if the floor is showing signs of heavy traffic, alternate SUPASTAR or NEUTRACLEAN with SHINER diluted at 1 part SHINER to 20 parts water. Let dry and buff with either tan pads or passive brush.

Damp Mopping

Damp mopping with SUPASTAR or NEUTRACLEAN removes soilage without removing the shine.

Click here to download the Supagloss Material Safety Data Sheet