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Powerful stain remover built in to this fast dissolving 100% active concentrate with corrosion inhibitors and brightners. Extreme economy in use.

Truckmount powder concentrate with corrosion inhibitors and brighteners. Available in 10kg and 20kg.


Traditionally, powder cleaners have caused problems in portable and truck mount cleaning machinery. slow dissolving particles cause blockages, clogging of impellors, with many of the fillers causing corrosion problems to brass parts, aluminium and steel.

Truck mount machines are more susceptible to lime scale build-up pumps, non-return valves and unloader valves which create a reduction in cleaning performance. This powder precipitation causes abrasive wear on seals, “O” rings, plungers and impellors.

Our analysis shows that cheap powders play havoc on equipment causing costly breakdowns and early placement of parts so therefore are more expensive and don’t clean as well as high performance products.

TROUNCE - Product Development Brief

First, we set out to reduce the high level of corrosive and hard to dissolve fillers and to evaluate the efficiency of a wide range of corrosion inhibiting compounds. Secondly and concurrently, we evaluated methods of speeding solubility. This was important for pre-mixing stock solution ready for metering into truck mount injectors. More important, was to prevent this solution from plating and scaling onto metal surfaces under high temperature. This phenomenon is known as hydrolysis.Cleaning performance and safety was also tested on all known carpet fibres to produce the highest levels of soil and stain removal at the lowest concentration without leaving soil attracting residue - this was the search for the ultimate result.

TROUNCE - The Result

Our evaluation and field testing since June 1983, has seen the release of TROUNCE; possibly the highest performing carpet cleaning powder available today. TROUNCE contains no corrosive fillers or extenders that other manufacturers use to reduce costs. Therefore, TROUNCE may be used in much smaller quantities, yet gives superior cleaning results.

Stain Removal

A blend of non-ionic an anionic emulsifiers plus a new polymer development penetrate old and fresh stains and assist removal. This applies to old coffee stains and greasy deposits that previously needed pre-spotting or pre-spraying.


Whilst we have been strong supporters of pre-spraying, TROUNCE virtually eliminates this when used in TRUCKMOUNT machinery. Pre-spraying with SURGE diluted 1 part SURGE to 15 parts water may be necessary on extremely soiled carpet like Hotels or Clubs or when using less powerful equipment. TROUNCE may be used for pre-spraying if required.

Fresh Lemon Fragrance

TROUNCE contains a lemon fragrance which creates a clean refreshing atmosphere in homes you are cleaning; far preferred to the “wet dog” smell left by other cleaning chemicals. Your customers will be raving about it.


Whilst being more expensive than many other powders, it’s the dilution rate that gives TROUNCE an economy that’s hard to equal. We estimate it costs 75% less than liquids and 30% less than other powders.


Truck mounted machines For machines with detergent storage drum use kg TROUNCE per 25 litres
Method Add approximately 10 litres of hot water into an open bucket, slowly add TROUNCE whilst stirring, when dissolved, top up with cold water.
Adjustment (Fisher Porter type) Adjust injector to setting 15 for cleaning and up to 30 for heavily soiled carpet. normal This dilution relates to 1,000 to 1 and 500 to 1 respectively.
Portable Machines 75 - 100 grams TROUNCE per 15 litres.
Method Half fill the machine with hot water. Sprinkle over the surface, then fill the tank. The TROUNCE swirling action will totally dissolve TROUNCE without the need for hand mixing. N.B. 75 grams is approximately 2/3 of a standard cafe bar cup.