Sabco Grime Trapper

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Special sticky pad to trap dirt instead of simply sweeping dust


9M each roll with slight perforations each 15cm. It can be used as long or as short as required by hand, can place on high dusting frames or flat mops if required. It is ideal for use on furniture. This pad can pick up 5 times more dust, dirt and hair than traditional dusting cloths. Lower friction for better glide and reduced need for force.
Surface Dusting:

Use the GRIME TRAPPER for dusting surfaces and furniture instead of common dusting cloth. Choose one or more sheets according to your needs. Dust will remain trapped into the pad and won’t fall apart.

Floor Dusting:

Use the GRIME TRAPPER to dust any type of floor instead of using common oil impregnated cloths or floor dusting cloths. Choose the length of the pad according to your dusting base; fix the pad on the base clips and dust the floor. The Grime Trapper can be used both sides. It will make it easier to collect hairs and the finest dust & mite and tick, that usually are not trapped.