VIVA Eco-Friendly Oxygen Powered Air Freshener

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oxy-Gen Powered technology is a new medical-grade innovation that harnesses pure oxygen to deliver continuous odour neutralising with fresh and exotic fragrances without harming those enjoying the air.

This next generation air freshener “ Viva!E does not use old aerosol or spray technology, so it is perfect for Hospitals and Nursing Homes where freshness is required without irritating those breathing the air. It is a new generation of air freshener and the world’s first to use new oxy-Gen Powered technology.”

This is the ost environmentally-friendly air freshener oxy-Gen Powered technology is a clean source of power, producing continuous levels of intense fragrance that contain no propellants, solvents or CFCs – just pure natural scent. Viva Oxygen dispensers are available in white, black, chrome, matt silver, red, and steel grey.

This air freshener is better for freshness - Most air fresheners work by masking bad odours with heavy perfume, however, the Viva!E Air Freshness system uses neutralox, a proprietary odour neutralising agent to eliminate, not mask, any bad odours, leaving only fresh scent in the air.

Perfume oil is gradually dispersed delivering a continuous and consistent fragrance intensity.

The dispenser operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included) that last up to 2 years. It can be positioned at any height. You can choose settings: 60 Days (daily), or Fragrance Intensity Fragrance 30 Days =Booster Fragrance Intensity.

It is supplied with 2 keys, 2 wall plugs, 2 fixing screws.

Air Freshener Fragrances Refills that are available are only Cheer and Glee.

Spa - lavender and spicy herbs
Cheer - orange blossom, jasmine and white flowers
Charm - A Melon fragrance modified with cool green notes, a hint of citrus and a slightly floral background.
Crush - pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut
Blush - Ripe berries for a juicy, fruity scent
Bliss - Eucalyptus, for a blast of instant freshness
Glee - green apple and pear softened with peach and pineapple
Tang - Orange supported by warm spices
Punch - fresh citrus with Carribean mango and sun-ripened papaya
Soothe - A warm fragrance combining sandalwood and saffron.