Neutro Floor Neutraliser - Stripper - Research Products

Fast acting neutraliser for stone ceramic and resilient floors
Removes problem alkalinity, and used to remove efflorescence and light rust marks. It

Neutrawash Floor Neutraliser 5L

Floor surface neutraliser for removing alkaline residues from hard floor.  Also used to neutralise grills.
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Stride HC Citrus Neutral Cleaner Smartdose 1.4L

A neutral multi-purpose cleaner concentrate formulated for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces.
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Stride Citrus Jflex Neutral All Multi Purpose Cleaner 5L

Neutral all-purpose cleaner for everyday floor cleaning and light duty spray and wipe cleaning. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance. Green seel compliant.
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Stride Hc Jf Neutral Floor & Multi Purpose Cleaner 2.5L

Neutral floor and multi purpose cleaner.
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Stride Citrus SC Neutral Cleaner Accumix 32 OZ

Stride is a non-alkaline formulation for daily use on floors, walls and other washable surfaces.

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