Stain Removers

Cleaners Supermarket® Pre Wash Liquid

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Pre wash stain remover.

Cleaners Supermarket® Clothes Washing Soda

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Bio Bleach 10kg Stain Remover - Research Products

Research Products
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Nappy Sanitizer, Stain Remover, Soaker
Low temp – high temp.
BIO BLEACH is an important asset when it comes to producing the perfect wash result.
Stains like wine, egg, fruit juice even some soft drink stains that contain food dyes can be removed. Ideal for protein stains like gravy, mayonnaise, rich sauce and curry spills. Grass stains and mildew stains can be the most persistent. Soak longer for the best results. A biodegradable nappy sanitizer, stain remover, soaker which activates at both low and high temperature.

Clax 7XP1 Iron Stain Remover Powder 10kg

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Oxalic acid powder treatment for rust and iron stains.

Clax Alegro 1AL1 Liquid Alkali Booster

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An alkaline additive for use on heavily soiled or rewash laundry classifications.
It is suitable for use in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. It is effective on soils like tea towel's, butcher's coats and fouled linen. This performs best in warm to hot water. Available in 15L and 200L.

Long Life Fabric Protector 750ml

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Long Life Fabric Protector helps prevent stains and liquids from spoiling.
It has superior stain and spill guard formula that provides resistance against liquids, stains and soil without affecting the fabric's colour, feel and its ability to breathe. It is ideal to protect upholstery, curtains, drapes, window treatment, clothes, shoes, carpets, and more.

Scotts Lemon Laundry Liquid 2L

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A laundry detergent which assists on cleaning clothes, removing stains and providing a fresh lemon fragrance.

It is ideal for use in front loading, top loading and twin tub washers in hot, warm and cold water on all washable materials.

Jasol D-Stain General Purpose Stain Remover 10kg

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General Purpose Stain Remover & Pre-soak for Cutlery. Enzyme activated, excellent soil removal.

Simple Green Pre-Wash Laundry Stain Remover RTU Spray 946ml

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Simple Green Pre-Wash, a ready to use, non-toxic, biodegradable stain remover.
It safely removes tough stains the "first" time! Whether it's grass, grimey dirt, makeup, blood, oily soils, or just about anything you get on your clothes, Simple Green Pre-Wash can get it out.