Laundry Chemicals

Clax 7WL1 Liquid Rusko | Liquid Phosphate 25L

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Liquid phosphate additive for use where high levels of iron occur in the water.

Clax 7ZL1 Diversqeeze Liquid Solvent 25L

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Liquid d-limonene solvent for removing oil and grease type stains.

Washing Machine Magic -4-in-1 Washing Machine Cleaner

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Washing Machine Magic breaks down and flushes out unseen build-up of detergent scum, lint and bacteria found behind the drum and inside the pipes of top & front loader washing machines.

The ultimate 4-in-1 washing machine maintenance product will not only clean, sanitise and deodorise your washing machine by killing the bacteria and breaking down the unseen build-up behind your bowl and in your pipes, it will descale the heating element, resulting in a more energy efficient wash every time.

With regular cleaning and descaling, it improves efficiency and longevity. It removes unpleasant odours & prevents marks appearing on clothing. Available in 2x100g (domestic strength) for lightly soiled machines; and 500g (industrial strength) for heavily soiled machines.

Long Life Fabric Protector 750ml

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Long Life Fabric Protector helps prevent stains and liquids from spoiling.
It has superior stain and spill guard formula that provides resistance against liquids, stains and soil without affecting the fabric's colour, feel and its ability to breathe. It is ideal to protect upholstery, curtains, drapes, window treatment, clothes, shoes, carpets, and more.