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Why do I need a specialised polish applicator?

It's important to realise when you're applying sealer, any impurities on your floor will remain there until such time you decide you want to strip it all back and start again.

Lambswool, nylon and polycotton mops are ideal for applying sealer, as they do not leave any lint. 

Open back polish applicators are particularly useful, as instead of applying the sealer straight onto the floor, you pour the sealer onto the back of the mop. The sealer then seeps through the mop, helping you to achieve a nice even finish.

61cm Nylon Polish Spreader - open back

61cm Nylon Polish Spreader. Quality nylon yarn for improved spread ability. Polish pours directly through spreader.


Swivel Frame

Slip on and off the nylon pad from Oates. Swivel Frame.Sturdy metal frame and swivel socket for easy maneuvering

Open Back Polish Applicator with Handle - 61 x 15 cm

Fully assembled nylon fibre fringe on frame with sturdy but lightweight aluminium handle complete with hand grip and hanging hook. Looped nylon with sponge infill allows slow release of polish on application.

Lambswool Applicator

Wool Applicator Complete.Pure lambs wool ideal for polish application. Wooden base. Ideal for floor polishing applications. Pure lambs wool gentle on delicate surfaces.


Sabco Poly Cotton Mop Head

Polyester cotton mop head mostly used for applying sealers as it will reduce lint residual. Long lasting, Industrial strength yarn is ideal for commercial cleaning also.


Enviro Floor Mop

Features swivel head and extension handle.Enviro Dusting Floor Pad is suitable for removing dust from surfaces around the home including sealed floors and ceilings.

Rubbermaid Flow Flat Mop Finish Kit

Help reduce labour costs and improve productivity and worker wellbeing with the highly portable Rubbermaid Flow™ Floor Finishing System.

RMRFGQ97900 YL00
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Polish Applicator Complete with Handle 91 x15cm

With this Polish Applicator from Edco, you can now apply polish evenly over the floor with the looped nylon mop head.