Tool Holders


Tidie Handle Holders

Made from rubber and strong, hard, durable plastic, these  lamps are spring loaded for secure storage.


Tidie rails

Hold one or many Tidie Multi-Fit handle holders on your stainless steel Tidie-Rail. Available in 50cm or 90cm lengths.

Starter Pack - Tidie Handle Holder

Get started with the Tidie Handle Holder Starter Pack, including a 50cm Tidie Rail, and one Yellow, 1 Red, and 1 Blue Tidie Holder.
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OATES All Purpose Holder

All purpose holder - space saving technology. It securely holds handles of varying thicknesses. Can neatly stores brooms, dusters, mops, gardening and sporting equipment on one handy unit.
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SABCO Handle Holder for Mops or Brooms

Easy to install on any wall with adhesive tape provided or use wall plugs or anchors that are not included. Convenient hanging hooks. Great for drying mops after use, and general organisation.

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Tool Holder

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Tool Holder With Bar

Holds 3 tools. To organise equipment in storage areas. Keeps mops, brooms and other cleaning devices or tools off the ground.

HANDLE HOLDER made in Sweden

Contact us for availability and sizes information so we can better help your situation.
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Multi-purpose Holder

Ideal for all storage needs. Easy wall mounting holder that can hold up to 11 items.
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Rubbermaid 33 Closet Organizer | Tool Holder Kit Gray

Closer Organiser /tool holder helps increase productivity and efficiency through better tool storage and access.

Gala Tool Holder Bar with 4 Holders

Easy to use tool holder. You simply have to push the handle into rubber grips. It is designed to securely hold a variety of commercial and domestic tools.
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