Standard Scrapers

Pulex Long Handle Scraper - 120cm

Pulex Long Handle Scraper is a dual purpose floor and window scraper with safety cover and sharp/blunt side blade. It has  a metal angled head with 120cm plastic handle.
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Pulex Replacement Blades 10pk to suit SABC-R01510

Pulex Replacement Blades to suit Pulex Short Handle Scraper (SABC-R01510). It also suits SABC-R01530 (Pulex Long Handle Scraper).
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Pulex Short Handle Scraper with sharp or blunt Dual Sided Blade

Pulex short handle scraper is a dual purpose floor and window scraper with safety cover. The dual purpose blade contains sharp and blunt size.
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Pulex Scraper and Carbon Steel Blades Pk of 10

Pulex Scraper is a dual purpose floor and window scraper. Pulex Carbon Blades are Carbon Steel Replacement Blades to fit the Pulex Technolite Scraper. These blades come in packs of 10. These blades contain sharp and blunt side.
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Allway Soft Grip Brass Button Scraper

Soft rubber grip casing for superior grip. Ideal for cleaners and car detailers. High quality Made in USA. Blade cannot slide out during use which make this scraper safer to use.

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Mini Scraper with Plastic Razor Blades

45mm diameter.  It suits RC-12 and OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutters. SKS-7 Tungsten Alloy Steel.

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Ergo Scrape Professional Window Scraper

Wide 150mm (6”) Scraper covers area faster. Soft grip handle. Supplied with replaceable cap. Robust construction for professional window cleaners. Easily attaches to Extension Poles

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Triumph Retractable Blade 150mm (6”) Scraper

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Moerman Premium Scraper

Bi-component handle made from Anti-slip material. Soft-touch, Ergonomic Smooth surface. Secure grip, even when wet. 10 cm/4" wide scraping surface.

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Wagtail 4 100mm Window Scraper

Integrated washer wets glass as scraper is being used to prevent scratching

• Adjustable pivoting head to get the optimum angle to the window & frames

• Handle easily attaches to extension poles

• Blade & washer pad are easily replaceable

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Timber Handled Paint Scraper

Through Tang. Hi-Carbon Steel blade. Variety of sizes available.


Rhino Grip Stainless Steel Scraper

Rubberized RHINOGRIP handle provides comfortable, Secure grip even in wet areas. Quality Polished Stainless Steel scraper blade has ideal flexibility and durability. Suitable for industrial and Food applications.              Available in a range of sizes from 1” (25mm) – 4” (100mm)


9.5cm Blade Scraper

As part of Oates Window washers products, blade scraper is designed with safety guard for protection.Replaceable steel blade.  Replacement blade: OAB-60207-1

Dimensions: W95 x D35 x H160mm