Floorcare Chemicals

A choice of Ultra High Speed or conventional maintenance
products formulated to produce the finest results on all types of resilient floors. Choose from the latest acrylic finishes or speciality maintenance products.

Old neglected floors can be rejuvenated and brought back to life with a stripping process. This process removes old discolored finishes and built up dirt and grime, and quickly transforms an unsightly floor into one that not only has a like new appearance but is easier to maintain.


Septone Mop 'n' Scrub Floor Cleaner

Mop & Scrub no rinse cleaner is designed for cleaning lightly soiled sealed or unsealed floors and contains a pleasant floral fragrance. 

Diverfloor Alkaline Floor Cleaner 5L

Alkaline floor cleaner formulated for cleaning heavy duty grease and oils.
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Reveal Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5L

Heavy duty floor cleaner specifically designed for use in UHS
floor care programs.
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Carton of 2

Reveal JF Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 2x2.5L

Heavy duty floor cleaner for ultra high speed floor floor finish and multi-use applications, JFILL.
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Taki Profi Resin Floor Pu Coated Degreaser - 5L

Mineral Oil and Grease Remover. Heavy-duty, neutral, low foaming floor cleaner for removing mineral, synthetic oil and grease, and water-soluble soil.
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View Quick No Rinse Floor Cleaner 5L

Neutral no rinse cleaner with pleasant rose fragrance for
sealed or unsealed floors.
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Revive High Performance Cleaner | Maintainer 5L

High performance cleaner plus a maintainer in a single step that rejuvenates UHS floor finishes.
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Jasol Glaze Clean Mop 5L - No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Excellent, no-rinse, quick drying cleaner with pleasant fragrance specially formulated for use in areas where a high gloss metal-interlock floor finish is.
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