Telescopic Extension Poles

Complete range of telescopic extension poles.

We usually recommend you buy the pole to match the brand of squeegee and washer you are using, however, they are often interchangeable.

Glidex offer the best value for money in terms of balancing price and quality. The budget range is suitable if you're only doing jobs around the house - It's not recommended for daily commercial use. Ettore, Pulex and Unger are industry leaders in window cleaning equipment for a reason, so you can expect excellent quality tools from them - but also to pay a little more!


Ettore REA-C-H Extension Pole

REA-C-H poles not only extend over windows, their sturdy construction helps them extend over years.

Quarter turn positive lock. Fluted gold anodized industrial strength aluminum.


Pulex Telescopic Poles

Pulex telescopic poles offer a full range of possibilities for high up cleaning. They are comprised of one, two or three parts and come in 14 standard sizes from 1.25 metres to 11 metres. The locking collars are made from nylon. The end of each pole comprises a standard or screw cone for mounting any type of tool.


Glidex Extension Poles

Glidex poles also have a unique fluted grip design that provides a safer grip and greater comfort to the user.
A tough, contoured end grip gives added comfort also when poling for long periods.

Unger Optiloc Extension Poles

Telescopic pole, 2 sections, with ERGOTEC® Safety Cone

Unger Teleplus System

Made of anodised extruded aluminium, our unique modular system allows you to build the length you want up to 9.0 metres! Snap-in threaded cone included. 4m two section starter pole. Add extra 1.8m sections to make 5.8m or 7.2m or 9m pole if and when required.

Plain Aluminium Telescopic Pole


Oates Extension Poles

Lightweight aluminium two section pole with locking sleeve for added strength. Ideal for high reach window cleaning, dusting and wall washing.

2 Piece- features 2 x 3 foot poles (2 x 0.9m). Dimensions: H 1.8m (max) x W 30mm x D 30mm

3 Piece- features 3 x 4 foot poles (3 x 1.2m). Dimensions: H 3.6m (max) x W 35mm x D 35mm


Ettore 2 Section Aluminium Reach Extension Pole

  • 2 Sect Ext Pole
  • 1.2 to 2.4m
  • 1.8 to 3.6m 

Optiloc - 3 Sections

Oates Moerrman Telescopic Handle 4 Section 4.0m

A lightweight aluminium four section pole with locking sleeve for added strength.It is perfect for high reach window cleaning. It is suitable for all Oates® by Moerman window squeegees & washers. Minimum 1.25m to maximum 3.8m in length.
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Moerman Telescopic Handle 3 Section 2.1m

Lightweight aluminium three section pole with locking sleeve for added strength.  It is ideal for high reach window cleaning.
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Sabco Extension Handle

High quality extension poles. Exceptional value. It is ideal for Press On and Screw On (US Thread) accessories. Available sizes are 2.44m, 3.66m, and 5m.