Grout Brush

Vileda Tile & Grout Cleaner

Tile and Grout cleaner with super strong bristles designed specifically to clean grout surfaces. Cleans around fixtures and fittings and hard to reach places.

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Soft Grip Grout Brush

Soft Grip Grout Brush. Over moulded ergonomic grip.  Two narrow rows of bristles for cleaning grout. Scraper for trouble spots or remove tough grime.

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Hygiene Grade 225mm Grout Brush

Hygiene Grade 225mm Grout Brush Green. Features a chiselled trim. It is ideal for cleaning grout between tiles. Stiff PET bristles. Stainless steel staples.

Grout Brush U.S.A Made

Medium Grade bristle for use on grout with confidence no grout will be damaged.

Pole seperate. fits a regular 25mm wodden of aluminium pole.

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Grout Brush

Features contemporary styling and unique comfort handle. Thin brush head to scrub small spaces.

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Decor Speed® Grout Cleaning Set

Our Décor Speed® Grout Cleaning Set includes a Deluxe brush with extendable handle and a Deluxe hand brush.

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Sabco Tile & Grout Brush

It has a unique rubberized handle for ergonomic convenient use. Its head that is curve enables easy cleaning grout that is hard to reach.
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Long Handled Grout Brush

Lightweight aluminium handle with stiff durable bristles. It handle can extend from 65cm to 1.1m.

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Grouting Brush

It has soft grip handle. It suits small or large tiled areas. It has stiff durable bristles.
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Tile and Grout Brush

Brush specially designed for cleaning grout lines both indoor and outdoor.
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