Rubber Gloves

Ansell Super Gloves

Ideal for heavy duty household & outdoor tasks. Super tough neoprene coating provides extra protection from household chemicals and greater tear resistance. Double layer provides extra insulation. Cotton lined for added comfort and moisture absorbency. 1 pair per pack. Available in 3 sizes: S, M & L.



Ansell Silverlined Gloves General Purpose Rubber Gloves

General purpose rubber glove. Specially textured surface for better grip. Traditional smooth silverlined finish inside glove enables them to glide easily on and off your hands.

Ansell Orange Fresh Gloves

A heavy duty glove with extra long cuff for maximum protection from household chemicals & detergents. Light orange fragrance to freshen your hands & home. Cotton lined for added comfort and moisture absorbency. 1 pair per pack. Available in 3 sizes: S, M & L.

Ansell Dermo Plus Gloves

Latex free glove suitable for people with sensitivity to chemicals and allergies to natural rubber latex. Made from nitrile, a strong synthetic material with superior resistance to cuts and piercing.

Ansell Natural Gloves

Environmentally friendly household glove. Made from renewable resources- 100% Natural rubber latex.

DuraFresh Antibacterial Flock Lined Rubber Gloves

Pure cotton flock lined. Treated with Acti-Fresh® to inhibit growth of bacteria. Non slip grip. Resistant to cleaning detergents.

Oates Flock Lined Rubber Gloves Blue

Cotton lined, absorbs perspiration. Ideal for washing dishes, painting and general house chores. Highly durable rubber. Pure cotton flock lined for extra comfort and easy slip on. Non-slip grip panels. Sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Oates Silver Lined Rubber Gloves Pink

Silver lined. Easy on/off. Ideal for washing dishes, painting and general house chores. Highly durable rubber. Sizes available are 7, 8, 9, and 10.


Each Pair

Sabco Yellow Flock lined Gloves

Cotton lined gloves that will absorb perspiration, extra protection while using hot water.It is suitable for washing, cleaning and general duties. Available sizes are medium and large.

Ansell Long Cuff Gloves

Ansell Long Cuff gloves offers protection not only the hand but including the lower arm from moisture contact. Ansell Long cuff gloves are cotton lined and feature a ribbed grip on the palm and fingers.

Bastion Flocklined Rubber Gloves Yellow Honeycomb Grip

Natural rubber latex which is soft and flexible with excellent dexterity. Honeycomb grip pattern for increased wet and dry grip.

Pro Val Chemoprene - Neoprene Examination Gloves - Green - Box of 100

Chemoprene - Neoprene Examination Gloves offer true comfort, quality and protection. These are powder free and latex free.

Pro Val Thrifty Yellows Flocklined Rubber Gloves - Box of 12 Pairs

Economy flock lined yellow rubber gloves which helps provide a degree of moisture absorption for the wearer. These are compatible with internal liners - Poly C and Interlox.

Pro Val - Tuff Pinks - Silver-Lined Rubber - Gloves - 12 Pairs per Box

Tuff Pink premium silver lined rubber gloves are used across a wide array of industries. Silver lining enables easy on/off glide and eliminates particle shedding from the glove.

Pro Val Process Blues Rubber Gloves - Blue - Box of 12 Pairs

Process Blues are blue lined rubber gloves made from FDA compliant materials for contact with food. They are extensively used within the food processing industry, such as fisheries, meat and poultry works.

Ansell Heavy Duty Disposable Gloves

Ansell Heavy Duty powder free, nitrile disposable gloves are made from synthetic rubber which contains no natural rubber latex. It is stronger than standard latex or vinyl disposable gloves.

Polychloroprene Powder Free Examination Gloves

Powder free gloves that offer true comfort, quality and protection.