Dusting Cloths


MR CLEAN Power Wipes 15Pk

Mr Clean

All purpose, use anywhere, reusable.Hygienic, extra strong & absorbent. Ideal for home, office & commercial us. For cleaning dusting and wiping. Cloth dimension 40cm x36cm.

MR CLEAN Magic Cloth 2Pk Extra Large

Mr Clean
Excellent absorbent cleaning cloth.Always rinses nice and clean even the most challenging stains. Long-lasting, machine washable cloth.

Chux Impregnated Dusting Cloth - Pack 25

Impregnated with a light mineral oil to trap and remove dust, leaving surfaces clean and dust free. Use on a variety of surfaces such as furniture, appliances, cars and computers.

Scented Impregnated Dusting Cloths - 25 Pack


Impregnated with unique dust trapping emulsion. Antistatic and lint free. Effectively attract, capture and remove fine dust hygienically. 25 cloths in a pack. Each cloth is 60cm x 30cm. It can be used on stainless steel, laminex, sealed timber surfaces, tiles, glass windows, and mirrors. 

Flannelette Dusting Cloth 50 X 45CM


100% woven cotton, excellent wiping cloth for removing dust and buffing items to a mirror image.

Oil Impregnated Dusting Cloths Yellow Pack of 25

This anti-static oil impregnated dusting wipes can easily trap dust as you clean. It is suitable for home and office cleaning. Perfect for cleaning venetian blinds too.
Each cloth is 60 x30cm.

Spills N Stains General Cleaning and Dusting Cloth

 Any accidental spills and stains need to be dealt with immediately to avoid permanent damage. Spills N Stains can help. Highly absorbent general cleaning cloth. Machine washable and reusable. 40 x 40cm cloths.

MR CLEAN Microfibre Magic Buffing Cloth

Mr Clean
Super soft, lint free microfibre for ultimate buffing action.  For ultimate buffing and shine, use this from Mr Clean. Size is 40x40cm.

Snowy Dish Cloth


Absorbent all natural cotton bleached white and pre washed. Use as a dish cloth or dusting cloth.

380mm x 400mm . Select quantity of 72 if you wish to purchase a carton of this product.

Prime Source Oil Impregnated Wipes Pack of 25


Oil impregnated dusting cloths to hold dust particles.

Dimensions: 600 x 300mm.