Cartridge Systems -Food Areas

Tork Premium Extra Hygiene Soap Liquid HD S1 1000ml 6 cartridges 6000ml

Highly effective hand wash against bacteria and is perfect to use in hygiene sensitive environments.

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Protecta Foam Wash Antibacterial 1L

Protecta Foam Wash Antibacterial is a sanitising foam hand cleaner designed for use in food processing plants, canteens, restaurants, kitchens, kindergartens and schools, nursing homes. effluent and waste disposal sites.
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GOJO NXT Space Saver Dispenser 1000mL

Much smaller footprint than traditional 2000 mL dispensers, yet holds 1000 mL of product. Uses 1000 mL NXT® refills. Compact design integrates into most every décor.

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Micrell 1000ml Bag in Box for Nxt Dispenser - ctn of 8

MICRELL® is specially formulated with a quick-acting antimicrobial agent (PCMX) to kill germs, a light scent and an effective degreasing agent that makes it perfect for foodservice environments.
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Deb Florafree Mild Lotion Soap 1L

Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser, ideal for use in food handling environments to remove light to medium soilings
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Deb Green Hygienic Lotion Soap 1L x 6

Contains 0.3% Triclosan, natural emolients and skin conditioners. Mild formula for frequent use. Developed for use in food preparation areas and food processing industry.
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Deb Suprega Green 4L

 Mild formula hygienic lotion soap for frequent use.
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Hygienic hand cleanser for use in healthcare and food service facilities. KIMCARE® Hand Cleansers combined with easy to use dispensers deliver the ideal hand hygiene solution for your workplace.

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Tork Advanced Spray Soap Foodservice 400ml 12 refills 4800ml

Specially formulated spray soap for Food Service use. Is approved by New Zealand AgriQuality for food and beverage use including dairy factories and Australian AQIS approved. Contains antibacterial.

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Jasol Safe Hands

Premium Hand Cleaner with Built-in Hand Sanitiser for All Food Production Facilities. With built in emollients this product is used in areas where very frequent hand washing is required. AQIS Approval. NZFSA Approved.