General Scrubbing

Cleanline Iron Scrub

Scrub incorporates an innovative rubber blade. When combined with regular bristles gives an even better clean! Soft grip handle for comfortable use.
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Flexible Scrub

Flexible head to maintain pressure on entire surface. Strong bristles remove tough dirt and stains.
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Long Handled Scrub

General purpose scrub for all household cleaning tasks. Features tough and durable bristles for maximum results.
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Easyclean Laundry Scrub

General purpose scrub, ideal for use in the laundry. General purpose applications with super smooth comfortable hand grip. Features tough and durable bristles for maximum results.
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Handled Scrub

Handled scrub with built in scraper. Tough hard wearing bristles for heavy duty cleaning.
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All Purpose Scrub

Comfortable wooden hand grip, this all purpose scrub is ideal for corners and crevices.
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Timber S Scrub

Comfortable wooden hand grip with 'S' Shape. Ideal for reaching into tight corners
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Corner Scrub

Corner Scrub. Radial head is ideal for scrubbing flat and rounded surfaces. Dimensions: H 165 x W 105 x D 65mm

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Deck Scrub

Deck Scrub features large scraper for trouble spots. Stiff, durable bristles with large surface area for big job.

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Heavy Duty Scrub

Stiff, heavy duty bristles. Wide scraper for trouble spots.
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General Scrub

General Scrub features scraper for trouble spots. Stiff, durable bristles. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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Soft Grip Angled Scrub Brush

Soft Grip Angled Scrub Brush. Over moulded ergonomic grip. Angled bristles for flat and rounded surfaces. Scraper for trouble spots. Ideal for bathrooms, showers & kitchens.

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Soft Grip Scrub Brush

Soft Grip Scrub Brush. Ideal for bathrooms, showers & kitchens.

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S Shaped Scrub

It has stiff, durable bristles that remove tough grime. S shaped head is designed for greater comfort. Dimensions: W45 x D195 x H55mm

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Single Wing Scrub

This wooden backed, single wing scrubbing brush from Oates is made of stiff, durable bristles to remove tough grime. Large size. It has two tier bristle levels designed for scrubbing uneven surfaces.

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Iron Scrub

All plastic construction

Easy grip Handle

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Handi Scrub Plastic

Poly fill with D handle grip

Handy scraper at back

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Radial Drain Scrub

Ideal for drains, urinals, grout

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Brickies Scrub with Blade

220mm plastic back, polyropylene fill

Steel scraper blade to one end

Ergo hand grip

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Multi Purpose Scrub Plastic

Easy grip handle with scraper for difficult spots

Comes in assorted colours

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General Purpose Scrub Plastic

All plastic back with poly fill

comes in assorted colours

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Laundry Scrub

Plastic Back

Union Poly fill

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Single Wing Scrubbing Brush

Union Fibre


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Hand Held Scrubbing Brushes

High Quality Australian Made Brushes

Heavy Duty Dish Brush

Available in a range of colours. Heavy duty for the removal of grime. Front scraper to remove baked on grime.

Single Wing Scrub Brush

Traditional heavy duty comfort style easy grip scrub brush. Stiff long bristles on the side to get into the nooks and crannies.
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Pinnacle S Scrub Brush

Traditional heavy duty comfort style easy grip scrub brush.
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Scrubbing Brush

Soft grip. Ergonomic shaped body. Stiff durable bristles.

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Beer Glass Scrubbing Brush 3 Prong

It has suction cup base, durable bristles.
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Heavy Duty Scrubbing Brush

It has soft grip handle, front scraper edge, and stiff durable bristles.
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Deck Scrubbing Broom with Handle

Handle is 125cm and head is 28cm. Available in blue and white.

Vileda General Purpose Scrub Brush

Strong nylon bristles for those tough tasks.Soft grip handle

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Oates Professional Hand Brush

It has soft bristles, crimped fill which is ideal for light particles; product lines. Colour coded hand brush to help reduce the risk of contamination between different working areas. It is available in blue, green, red and yellow.