Waxes and Oils


Easipol Floor Wax

Traditional Liquid solvent based wax polish. Use on sealed timber, cork and linoleum (marmoleum, marmorette)


Safestep Liquid Wax 5L - Research Products

Creme liquid spirit wax for timber floors, enhances the natural look of timber. “Fills and feeds the grain”. Liquid wax floor polish for wooden floors.

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Safestep Paste Wax 8kg - Research Products

A tough, water spot resistant wax for resin finished timber floors. It provides good slip resistance.
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Safe De-Wax Remover 5L and 15L Research Products

Safe De-wax remover is a spirit based stripper suitable for removing wax finishes from timber floors. It is non flammable and odourless makes product safer and less hazardous to use.


Organoil Olde Style Danish Oil Clear - Ecowood Interior Oil

Danish Oil is based on genuine Tung Nut Oil and is perfect for new internal timbers.

Organoil Hard Burnishinig Oil

Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil nourishes, preserves and moisture Seals raw internal timbers for a high lustre finish.

Organoil Woodsheen Ecowood Interior Oil - 1Litre

Formulated from highly refined 100% Natural Plant Oils and waxes. A super fine Buffing Oil that will restore and rejuvenate tired, dull and worn existing oil finishes.
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Organoil Tung Oil Natural Sealant

It is a natural great sealant and protector of timber, concrete, terracotta, slate and mud bricks.

Organoil Citrus Terpene Natural Solvent

Citrus Terpene is an effective cleaner, dissolve grease and remove stains.

Ecowoodoil Wood Pipe Rejuvenator 250ml

A blend of nut and citrus oils specially formulated to create a drying oil that will maintain and rejuvenate wooden items that often come in contact with food or water.
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Organoil Natural Wax and Polish

A highly refined Beeswax and Citrus Oil, a soft paste, non yellowing formulation, with pleasant aromatics and emulsified into a ready-to-use paste.

Ecowood Oil Outdoor Timber Polish 500ML

Outdoor Timber Polish is ideal for Outdoor furniture and woodwork. It covers scratches, removes stains, preserves wood. 100% pure natural oil.
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Ecowood Oil Indoor Furniture Polish 500ML

Indoor Furniture Wood Polish is ideal for all types of Indoor furniture and woodwork. It covers scratches, removes stains, preserves wood. 100% pure natural oil
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Organoil Garden Furniture Oil

A low sheen finishing oil based on Tung Nut Oil, Beeswax, Citrus solvents and anti-fungal Oils that penetrates the timber substrate to nourish, preserve and seal; as well as providing protection against weather degradation and rot.

Organoil Decking Exterior Oil Standard

A full bodied 100% Pure Natural Oil for the nourishment and protection of all external timbers. Based on Genuine Tung Nut Oil with Earth Oxides for U/V Protection.

Organoil WoodGuard Timber Preseasoning Oil

A highly penetrative, light plant oil/beeswax interim wood protector. Designed for a 1 coat only application to assist in Seasoning new timbers that are high in moisture, catering for exposed, raw timber’s needs prior to final finishing.

Organoil Wash-a-way Concentrate Outdoor Cleaner 1Kg

It is a safe and effective alkaline salt-based cleaner and soaker, with an oxidizing, mild bleach action for use on external timbers and masonry
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Organoil Wash-a-way Outdoor Cleaner 5L Ready To Use

Wash-A-Way Ready to Use Outdoor Cleaner 5 litre is a pre-mixed ready to use salt based cleaner and soaker with accelerants to enhance the brightening  action and assist in the removal of stains grime and dirt.
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Organoil Wash-a-Way Timber and Masonry Cleaner

Wash-A-Way is a safe and effective alkaline salt based cleaner and soaker, oxidizing, mild bleach action.