Odour Control

Goodsense Fresh J-Flex Air deodoriser - Concentrate 1.5L

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Air freshener designed to be effective on odours from urine, mildew, vomit, tobacco smoke and food.

Room Care R5 -Plus Air freshener - Concentrate1.5L

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This air freshener is lightly fragranced. It is simple and safe for daily use. Accurate dosing reduces product consumption and waste.

Goodsense Fresh Phase J-Flex Air | Fabric Freshener 1.5L

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Air and fabric freshener/odour counteractant that instantly neutralises odours at source.

Chemically neutralises unpleasant odours and simultaneously leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance. It eliminates malodours caused by tobacco, food, urine, and body odours from colourfast and washable fabrics. It is ideal for nursing homes and common use areas such as bars, dining rooms, restaurants or for converting smoking rooms to non-smoking rooms in motels/hotels.

Room Care R5 Air Conditioner | Freshener 750ML

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Air freshenr with pleasant fresh fragrance which leaves rooms smelling fresh and clean.