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Room Care R2 - Plus hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 1.5L

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Hard surface cleaner concentrate that quickly and gently removes only and water-soluble residues. Use with the Divermite Dispenser.

Room Care R2L Hard Surface Cleaner 750ML

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Ready to use hard surface cleaner suitable for cleaning surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, lodging and other establishments.

Wipeout Power Cleaner for Grease & Food Soils 5L

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A powerful cleaner formulated to remove grease, oil and food soils.
It can be used on laminate, stainless steel and all non-paitned surfaces. No residue, no rinsing required.

Wipeout JF for Grease Oil Remover 2.5L

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A powerful cleaning formulated to remove grease, oil and food soils.
It can be used on laminate, stainless steel and all non-painted surfaces. No residue, no rinsing required.

Asset JF 2.5L Hard Surface Cleaner

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Asset JF is a unique blend of ingredients working together for excellent cleaning efficiency on any washable surface. 
It provides full range cleaning power to remove soil. When diluted through a JohnsonDiversey dispensing system Asset JF is effective for cleaning all washable surfaces. It suits well with all hard surfaces such as walls, tables, chrome, stainless steel and laminate.

You don't need to rinse when using this cleaner. It can be used via a spray bottle or a mop and bucket. It leaves a pleasant floral fragrance.

Diverclean C3 Multipurpose Surface Cleaner 5L

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Multipurpose hard surface cleaner for walls, floors, etc. with excellent degreasing and cleaning power.
It is ideal for use in catering, housekeeping, health care, transport and building maintenance industries.

Perdiem Smartdose 1.4L General Purpose Cleaner

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Perdiem is a General Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide designed for high productivity cleaning of all washable surfaces.

The proven Smart Dose bottle allows you to easily and accurately dose concentrated cleaning products. This innovative and sustainable solution delivers better cost control than any other dosing system! To use, simply select the apprpriate dosing icon (ie bottle, bucket or machine fill), pull the pump up once, then push the know down to dispense the accurate amount of concentrated cleaner!

Cyclone Multi Surface Cleaner 500ML

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Multi-surface cleaner formulated to cut through grease and stubborn grime without rinsing.
It does not contain harsh abrasives and can be used on tiles & bench tops, ovens & stoves, range hoods, toilets & baths, taps & sinks and shower bases.

Cyclone Shine Up Furniture Polish 500ML

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This furniture polish helps repel dust, reduces dust accumulation and helps protect against ordinary wear, water spills and stains.
It works well on most surfaces, including metal furniture, office equipment, paneling, leather, vinyl, chrome, brass, stainless steel, porcelain, marble, ceramics and laminates.