MicroFX Flat Mopping Systems I Micro FX Mopping of Non Slip Floors

The new generation of flat mops for deep cleaning effectiveness and longer life performance . Large and hidden area flat mop cleaning solution.

Product Features:
- Durability
- Versatility
- Universal Flaps
- Hygienic
- Ergonomic
- High performance

For complete mopping system, you need matching Brix Cart and buckets.


MicroFX Active

Ideal for all purpose cleaning. It is composed of 70% microfibre and 30% polyester.

MicroFx Hygiene

Great for health care environments  - bleach and strong chemicals resistant. It is composed of 100% microfibre.

MicroFX Xtreme

Ideal for heavy duty cleaning to remove sticky dirt, grime, grease and tough dirt. It is made of 100% microfibre white, and polyester and polypropylene black spots.

Velcro Mop Long Reach Base 40cm

High quality lightweight aluminium Velcro base that has lock and unlock system for easy reach on hidden areas and for ergonomic cleaning. It has a constant pressure on the whole base.

Sabco Super Swish Pro - Telescopic Handle

Using this sturdy Super Swish Pro Telescopic Handle allows you to get the ultimate advantage of stretching Super Swish Pro Mop Base from 100 up to 200cm for better cleaning..

Super Swish Pro - Mop Base

Super Swish Pro - Mop Base are clips to secure refill.

Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle | Commercial Spray Handle

Quicker and easier way to clean floor for commercial applications. Ideal wherever speed, ease of use, lack of laundry facility & storage space are issues.

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