Janitorial Cleaning Products and Supplies


Anti-Microbial Microfibre Cloth

This anti-microbial microfibre cloth helps get into tiny nooks and crevices where traditional cleaning methods are unable.

Microaid Amenities Cleaner

Microaid Amenities is specially designed as an aid for the technologically advanced and effective microfibre cloth.

Microaid General Cleaner

Microaid General cleaner is a super concentrated highly effective multi surface environmentally responsible cleaner.
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Microaid Glass CLeaner 1L

Microaid Glass cleaner rinse, streak free, easy and quick to use highly concentrated product for use on glass, chrome, stainless steel and shiny surfaces, shower screens, mirrors, glass doors and windows.
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MICROALUND Microfibre Laundry Detergent 1L

Microlaund Microfibre Laundry Detergent has been designed to wash and prolong the effective life of your microfibre.
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Vinegar Whites Technical 10L Scale Remover

Vinegar White Technical is an environmental safe, multi-purpose acidic industrial cleaner. Vinegar has been used for removal of scale deposits in Aircraft toilet lines. 
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